There is a World beneath the World. A place of magic, mystery and expansion. The storehouse for all our stories, myths and legends.

There is a magical world.  A world of stories, songs and the sacred.  A world of ancient technologies and future times.  Of angels and avatars devoted to the transformation of the planet for the brighter.  It is the world of our legends, the interwoven web of our stories that makes up the roots and branches of our lives.

It is the Mythica, the collective consciousness of the planet.  The world of real magic.  Flush with the avatars and teachings of the mystical world.

To reveal this world, showcasing the characters, synchronicities and shared missions of global change, Into the Mythica was created.  A portal into that sacred realm, the place where we move past the veils of forget into the remembrance of our birthright of Divine purpose, discovering the nature of our sacred Path and the landscapes of our legend along the way.

Here you will find a portal, a gateway into that mystical place revealing the landscape of that sacred world and the characters who populate her stories.  Where through this media for the modern mystic you may learn to walk your own path to a new reality, finding those who share your passion and mission to live in a more heavenly earth.

Discover the Landscape of Stories

All our lives are stories.  Vibrations of sound across the ethers of the world.  Memories and embodied mythologies which echo across the halls of time.

As we move into a new era of collectivity and cooperation, we live these stories, playing the parts of the very mythologies of the past and future through our actual lives.  A collection of tales of wonder which remind us that each and every one of us is connected, part of a storehouse of sacred stories, cosmologies, technologies and transformation that has been waiting patiently for us to rediscover.


To embrace this potential is an adventure of the highest order, a grand quest of personal transformation that will take us to the very limits of what we have known and beyond, transforming our idea of who we are and what we can become.

It is in these stories that we awaken to the truth that sits behind all our synchronicities, the web of interconnections that touches us all, revealing the unity that lay beneath our perceived separation.  Here, that we learn that we have always been a part of the Tree of Stories, the Tree of Life itself, our various patterns and processes connected in an intricate web of shared wonder.

As you come to explore the stories in this temple of the Mythica, we will be showing you that underlying world.  Revealing the sacred people, places and events that define the magical world of our ancestors and our future.  You will learn the nature of the landscape of legend that underlies each and every one of our stories, and the physics of the quest which support us in our sacred path.

Yet the Mythica goes even deeper than this.  For as you shall come to discover, there is no separation between our selves and the planet upon which our stories unfold.  No separation between the trials and triumphs that define our personal quests and that of others.  As we step beneath the surface of our experience, we shall come to see that we are all a part of a web of interconnections, strings of synchronicity which reveal the unfoldment of our paths and patterns and the alchemy of what it means to be truly human.

Here, we shall learn that we have always been a part of the Tree of Life, part of the living intelligence of the planet, graced with the opportunity to step beyond the world that we have known and into a new paradigm of health, wholeness and unity.  We shall discover the Great Story, the much larger expression of our many tales and tellings as they exist in the world.  Together, we shall come to see the intricate ways in which our lives are linked, part of the ever-growing layer of mythos and magic that lay beneath the surface of our world.

Welcome to a whole new way of sharing our stories.  Welcome to Into the Mythica.