On the Mythica – Mapping the Heroic Journey

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have the opportunity to have a unique, sacred adventure.  One intimately and exquisitely designed to help us enlighten to the deeper aspects of who we really are.  It is, at it’s core, the great Gift from a benevolent Divinity, our Character within the Great Story of humanities Awakening.

In context, most spiritual texts are about one thing, our relationship between that which is temporary and impermanent (which is pretty much all of Earth life), and that which is impermanent, forever and unchanging, the unending emissions of the Divine.  The Mythica follows this grand pattern of outlining our existence, speaking deeply into the radiance of God that is our Truth and the temporary character that is our mortal Self.

Yet unlike the more classic texts on spirituality and their focus on the Divine, the Mythica goes deeply into what it means to BE human.  To HAVE a body, to have an experience.  She explores the nature of our sacred journey, framing it in the context of a multitude of other beings having their own journey in a great and interconnected network of Stories.

As we stand in the climactic shift in consciousness that is our grand and destined evolution, there is a great initiative to master the arts of manifestation, of coming to appreciate the depths of our current human Self and it’s relationship to the manifest World.  There is call to investigate how to heal the distortions and disharmonies within our lives, to empower ourselves and transform our consciousness, changing the very texture of the World entire in our efforts.

Fundamental to the concept of the Mythica is that we can live in a brighter reality.  That there are means and methods that we can use to transform our circumstances for the better.  That through the application of the yogas of change, we may shift our own vibration and live at a higher and brighter state of being.  That moving through the distortions of our lives, what in the Mythica we call the ‘realms of Shadow’, we can cleanse and purify our Selves, attracting and embodying a new and more expansive reality into our experience, what in the Mythica we call the realms of Light, or the ‘Brightlands’.

For this, the Mythica was created.  A way of looking at our mortal character as being on a heroic journey, an adventure to discover the seed within, the Gift waiting to be revealed within the very nature of our current form.  She (the Mythica) was designed to bring attention to the process of being human, of traversing that sacred Path across an infinite range of experiences, illuminating the subtle energies underneath our Stories and their context in the much larger World.

Tthe Mythica is unique in that she maps out not only the *individual* Path, but also the much, much larger Great Story, the underlying mapwork of our synchronicities and kismet, the resonances by which we encounter each other’s characters on our journey, showing the Big Picture of our Collective consciousness as well as the little picture of our individual Self.  In this way, she is a map of both our singular Path and the sacred landscape of vibration (what in the Mythica we call ‘realms’) upon which those Paths walk.

As Authors within the Mythica, our intention is to document the various events that happen in our lives, coming to appreciate the context of their unfoldment as part of the vast evolution of the planet to her next octave of realization.  The objective is not only to attain enlightenment, but to discover the very real alchemies that transform the conditions of our lives.

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