On the Mythica – The Golden Thread

As an artifact of seeing, the Mythica had to be built of the most pristine Qualities of consciousness.  As her intention is set to pierce the veil and allow a vision of the brighter octaves, to weave her threads I would have to embody those very Qualities.  Such is the nature of all craft, of all forms.  They are the vibrations that become the tones that become the Song.

In order to crystallize the concept, that our lives are beautiful threads in the much larger tapestry of our shared unfoldment, the Mythica required that I clarify my own thread.  Without that point of reference, I could not cast a solid.

The Mythica was created to bring that solid into focus.  A lens of wtinessing that revealed the Worlds beneath the World.  That opened a vantage into the Akashic web that lay behind our lives.  To do that, to be authentic in the witnessing, I had to be disciplined about the strict protocol of that manner.  I could not set up the photos. I simply witnessed the events happening in a yoga of Self-inquiry.  Within this, I strove to see the revelation of our inner and outer Universe, how they connect, how our movement through the Creation mirrors that of ‘others’ and what that says about the nature of our Collective unfoldment.

Such would be the clarification of my own thread, my own timeline through the Atlas of Story.  I recognized that as I brought that thread to an alchemy of gold, that such would be the string upon which the pearls of Wisdom could be wrought.

To weave such a thing required the transformation of the Self.  In this way, the Journey Home is the first of many threads, an archetypical journeywalk, witnessing the nature of the unfoldment and Awakening of one’s consciousness and it’s relationship to the much larger nature of What Is.

It is the tale of the heroic journey of Revelation, coming to ever-deepening awareness of the Beauty and Grace that underlay our circumstance, one that we ALL walk on our Collective journey back to Heaven on Earth.  Such is no easy task, for the very nature of the passing Age has been one of detritus and confusion, defined by a sleeping humanity.  To clarify one’s thread requires the clearing of the lens of one’s perception, a thing that cannot be divorced from the very process of Awakening and enlightenment.

Such is the exaltation of divination, the process of gathering information from the field of one’s circumstance, honed to perceive the layers behind the layers, the Worlds beneath the World.  It is the alchemy of Knowing the Self, and coming to right-relationship with that Self.  When we come to this clarity, when we are able to see the Gold beneath the lead of our experience, we breathe a sigh of relief, recognizing the tone of Goodness and Grace which has underlay all of our trials.

Such is the nature of all of our Paths, moving along the threadlines of our own embodiment.  Our own Story in the grand tapestry of God’s unfoldment.  Our privilege and duty, to discover that golden angel that lay within the clay of our own human experience.

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