On the Physics of the Quest

it was in 2014 that I first heard the phrase “The Physics of the Quest”. It had been spoken by my fellow author and angel of change Kundra Rose at a place called “Heaven and Earth” just south of Ashland, Oregon. When she had said it, i’d felt a resonance. A way-of-articulating the idea of the Mythica. Of describing what I experienced as the constants beneath our stories, the karmic mechanics of life expressed through the archetypes along the human journey.

For me the journey to a deeper reality is all about understanding the architecture. Of having a deep knowing of the underlying mechanics that drove our stories and how that related to our journey of self-realization. I knew that in order to show the world the nature of the Tree of Life I had to build something that could share that. That could reveal what I came to understand were the physics beneath all of our various quests. The laws of story which supported all our adventures.

To serve this intent, I documented my journey of realizing those physics, detailing the process of my own realization of the mechanics of story, and built them into the very platform you are reading this on today. It’s an idea that’s woven into the etheric structure of everything that flows through the site.


Our journey through life is one of time. An experience through the mortal plane that is defined by the space between it’s first breath and it’s last. As we make our journey through our tree of life, we are moving through this space. Living the adventure of our life along a timeline of experience.

This structure is the basis of the physics of the quest. The understanding of the nature of time and of the space in which time exists. Having a grasp on this is the basis for seeing the mechanics beneath our myth. Of coming to see the story that is playing out before our eyes

When we understand the constant patterns beneath our many stories, when we understand the yogic structure of how our various karmas and shadows resolve, we anchor the context of our personal experience. We gain a sense of the archetypical mechanics of life itself. The gears of God which move us through the patterns we experience along our path.

Seen in this way, when we are looking at the mechanics of our story we are looking at the gears of our life, rotating behind the clockface of our timeline of experience. Simply put, something is going on behind-the-scenes while our life is happening. As we to understanding those mechanics, we gain a new context for our experience. One that opens us up to a whole new way of seeing and receiving the world.

When we look at our timeline through life, at our own personal experience, we are looking at it across time. Noting the progression we have had along the way. Our movement along our time-line – the progression of experiences that is our current story.

It is to look behind the curtain, to peer past the surface of the watch face. It is a dive into the mechanics of how things happen. A look into the subtle architecture of our stories themselves.

When we look at our timeline of experience and ask questions about our lives, we are inquiring into these mechanics. Into the gears which lay behind the conditions of that experience. Understanding those mechanics helps us to see our journey in a new way, becoming more aware of the mechanics of myth itself.

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