Once upon a Time

In World of the Mythica by Dakota Chanel

Once upon a time. How all great stories start. All stories happen in time. Yet are etched by deeper archetypal patterns that lay outside the mind. Do stories die? I like to think they are alchemized. Like our bodies when they decompose back to the earth, there is a garden compost for stories. Where the ending gives nourishment to a new beginning.

I believe this world is made of stories. That there are weavings that get passed down in our DNA like books from our ancestors and ones our souls carry around like golden threads of star fire destiny. The water forms our stories. Frequencies in the seas of becoming.

The great tapestry weaving our longings together in kismet beyond deaths last breath.

“You share too much.” Some people say. Other’s say not enough.

There are stories within me that have yet to be spoken and others that have yet to be lived.

I do not believe my stories are mine. I believe they are woven from the fabric of lessons laid out in constellations much bigger than I could ever fully grasp with this mind. Yet, sometimes I see the greater patterns. Glimpses.

On nights when the stars shine brighter and there is remembering. No, these stories belong to everyone. They are sacred, yes. Precious, yes. And already woven into the akashic threads.

Characters we play for each other, body after body. Life after life.

You don’t own anything you can see with these eyes. What is true can not be bought or sold. Borrowed or told. We tease our way home on the tides of hide and seek. Greet each new day in the heart of heats resurrection beaconing.

Words are fascinating. I can type these markings onto a screen that get translated to mean something.

So with these strange markings I learned as a child, I pray that as you read these words, you feel a profound sense of love for your unique story.

A sense peace. That you feel tender arms of love wrapped around you. That you feel good enough. As you are. Where you are. That you know how precious you are. That you have the courage to keep going in the midst of pain and struggle. That you celebrate something every day. That you see the miracles in the little things. That you are taken care of in every way. That you can trust and have faith in the goodness of life. That you can feel hope like butterfly wings in your heart. That you find more to love than judge each day.

That you remember you are a child of the most beautiful love story in the universe.

Even when you can’t feel it.

Your heart still beats. This great love.

Once upon a time…