2019-1-21 – Once more, Parking Lot of the Gods

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As I sit in the Paia Coffee shoppe, a sense of the immediacy of the Mythica pours through me.

I’m doing it. I’m really,, deeply doing it. In the invocation of the Mythica narrative. Literally publishing from the magical World, inside of a temple of Story to support it’s eminent light.

I love coffee shoppes. There the modern-day tavern, where adventurers across the realms meet and go on epic Quests. They are places of Power, where Story gathers in the timbres and the woods, whispering myth against the backdrop of conversation.

If you listen, you can hear it.

Listen closely. For within those many whispers is a chorus. The sound of the New World crying it’s dawn.

I smile. It’s been a magical day.

Morning at the Tiny Temple

As we awoke in the morning, Yeshua was seized with inspiration. The night before we had moved the more of the impressions around the manifestation of money, abundance and right-relationship.

It was a constant shift. One both Yeshua and I had traversed on our movement along the rainbow bridge. I felt it within his form, resolving into resonance with the paradigm of Heaven on Earth, defining the nobility of his charge. The night before, he had insisted that we hold onto $30 of the currency that had come to us on the Quest, and it had triggered a huge movement through the underlying vibrations.

It was quintessential, really. Recognizing the tremor of vibrations beneath I had yielded to his own discernment of the circumstance. Like so many aspects of our sacred compact, it was a matter of moving with what was happening, of becoming the thing that was necessary to faciliate the change.

It was not truly about the money, but about the trust. The gnosis that God supported one on their Quest. To feel that easement between the root and the solar plexus, dropping into the radiant mana of the supportive Earth.

Such was the great lesson resolving, the clearing of any doubts of God’s Grace in the feelings and textures of the self. I had told Yeshua the inevitable money would not fill such inner question, that such was part of his great lesson and that which he was destined to embody for the people of the emerging World.

The Mechanics of Grace

Everything happens in perfect timing, finding it’s When in the timeline of the akasha. What things look like on the surface is just the expression of something deeper, the mythic undercurrent of our sacred Story.

Yeshua’s vision the previous night had proven accurate as we found our way to ‘Mike’s Automatic’ to get a safety inspection for the vehicle. Not for the first time, I am thankful that I listened to the song beneath the surface of his movement.

Earlier in the morning, the ally who was renting us the vehicle had been angry that we had not yet gotten the safety inspection. I had explained that all things followed God’s unfoldment, and we had been unable to do so before that moment. It felt a agitated vibration, one tracking back to unresolved issues of trust and recognition, of facing the question of abundance in proper timing in accordance with a friendly Universe.

I assured them that we were doing the best that we could, that there was a deeper significance beneath our shared Stories. Such proved to be true, as it always does, as we made it at last to the mechanics with only $27 to our name.

As we pull into the mechanics shoppe, I walk in, and witness a good man, working behind the counter. He tells us the cost will be $30 on credit card. Bowing, I explain that we shall give him what we have.

He bows. Repeatedly. I feel a sensation of sanctity through the field, the space of the akasha shifting. Clarity pours through me. I feel my Aspect. The gaze of Shiva, moving through me.

I turn to Yeshua. “We’ve done it, you know.”

“Done what?”

”Proven the physics of the Quest from the ground up. There, with seemingly no resource, constantly doing the practices, being led to the library where we had access to twin computers with screens, to a full whiteboard office. Manifesting along the Path. A proof of the practices.”

”Right.” He says, remembering. “Everything we wanted manifested for us through the holding of the intention.”

“Despite the inconsistencies in recognition.”

“Yes.” he says. “It was always there, showing us the proof of the practice.”

I witness him. To hold that Knowing, consistently and clearly, we part of the anchoring of the new paradigm. Together, we feel the Grace emanate through the field.

”And now, the Temple.” I say. “God provides, as we hold the vision and do the work.”

He shifts inside. I feel the remembrance dawning through. The knot around the manifestation easing as he could See more clearly how we had achieved the very thing. Made our way to the temples and the islands through the pure manifestation of right-effort.

Next to us, the asian gentleman behind the counter regards us with a sense of humbleness and appreciation. I feel his gaze, his deeper Aspect singing through the thoughts.

Quickly, he finishes the job, placing the new safety sticker on the vehicle. As we pull out, I try to pay him.

He waves me off, continuing to look at us in that way. Bowing. “No charge” he says, “It’s okay.”

I bow to him once again, feeling the grace unfolding between us.

“He Sees us.”I tell Yeshua. “On some level. Feels the presence.”

As we drive off, I see now why the Divine prevented us from reaching the mechanic until this point, such that we could see, once again, the nature of the Friendly universe unfolding. In the morning, we had wanted to be recognized for our virtuous effort, and so we were, met in Divine reflection by the good people of the Land.

Inside I smile. Time and time, we have been provided for. While the intention has always been to have the finances and had done the various practices of manifestation in our effort to prove the journey to a more Heavenly Earth, Divine circumstance lay behind our access, such that we could learn, deeply and truly, that not only were we a part of something larger than ourself, we were supported in our constant effort to cleanse and open the gates of abundance for us all. Met by a benevolent Divinity that orchestrated all things with a Loving hand.

That being said, I was deeply happy to at last feel the gates of resource opening in the field, enabling us to help so many more people across the Worlds.

Roads to Paia – The Siddhi of Story

Flush with remembrance and the tones of Grace, Yeshua begins recording a video. Such is the deep magic of the Mythica, the witnessing and publishing of the moment in it’s authenticity.

Once more, Parking Lot of the Gods

“Where do you want to head?” I ask him, as we pull into Paia.

“The coffee shoppe sounds good.” he replies.

I nod, pulling into the Paia parking lot by the beachside. Still radiant with the energies of the opening, we get out and begin walking towards towne, only to run into our fellow avatar Natural and a beautiful Goddess just touching her feet back on the island.

It wasn’t a planned meeting. None of the occurrences on the map of our synchronicities were. As always, I simply witnessed who arrived at what moment, allowing the energies of What Is to reveal to me the deeper pattern of our shared unfoldment.

I called this place the ‘Parking Lot of the Gods’ for the vast number of avatars I had met here, all arriving in one manner or another at the confluence of Ley upon Gaia’s sacred skin that currently supported a beachside parking lot on it’s surface, meeting each other in the map of synchronicity that connects us all.

All of the hues of our rainbow, connected through synchronicity

Here, Natural was helping her as she returned to the sands. Beneath the waves on the surface, I could see his Aspect, the angelic tone that sang through the expression of his form. I felt our arrival together in a bright harmonic, ringing with the tones of the Great Song.

Then, there was Christine herself. Immediately I could feel her, thick in the mystery of the unfolding.

I saw Queenship in her eyes. A sovereignty of the wanderwalk across the realms.In the akasha, the waves danced in passionate purple, flecks of gold and pink stardust, thick and kissed by the Earth. Her Heart murmured, and I saw the waves of her Song across the swirl.

”We’ve all come to the island” she said, “to live in Heaven on Earth”

I smiled in response. There was no need for words. I felt the jungle-talk, the under-talk, pouncing through the letters. The earthscent. The breath of Love. Here, amidst the aina of the island, her powers were restoring, smoothing the curves of her passage. Love, pure and radiant, dripped through her skin, melting the Air to steam.

With her was a young lion. A beautiful boy is loving fascination with the stone people, strong spirited and tempering.

”This is new for me” she said, watching her childe. “I’m used to be a traveling gypsy, but now I have him, so I have to be aware all the time”

“No worries”, I said, admiring her balancing of the past and the present within her own being. Her stepping into motherhood with faith and fortitude on the Path. I could feel the radiance of Love that moved through her, enveloping her childe in it’s sweetness and kind.

She was in the midst of a new chapter of her Story, and rockin’ it.

Paia Bay Coffee

We intersect with the Lady Shelby once more, radiant like the trees and warm as summer. Sitting down with Yeshua, I recall the day, It’s important to get it while it’s flush. Her eyes brighten as we recount the magic of the unfolding day. It’s a beautiful feeling. One of being in the victory of the our Story of Awakening inspiring others.

Soon after we sit, and I write this article, publishing the true-story of our journey to Heaven on Earth.

As we leave, Grace continues to pour on us, proving the physics of the quest as we intersect spontaneously with Joshua and his beloved Rebecca, who offers us watermelon, a sweet treat on the Path. Appreciating his Gift as an expression of the Divine confirmation, we share the tales of the Mythica with him and the nature of our Quest before we head onward, windows open and breathing the sacred Wind beneath the silvery Moon.

Returning to the tiny temple, flush in the legend of that thing, I sit down and scribe my adventures, ever deeper into the Mythica.

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Natural – @natural
Yeshua Lucis – @yeshualucis

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Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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