Pantheon at the Pyramid

It is through the synchronicities of our lives that we may have a glimpse into the Great Story, the interweaving of our stories through the underlands of the Mythica. One example of this weaving was the connections between Yeshua Lucis, Navi Ethereal, Niekko Chin, Kayla Rodriguez and myself, finding each other across a series of synchronies across the years.

Like all aspects of our shared circumstance, we must look at our experiences from both the valley and the mountain, seeing the individual threads of our timelines and the way they are woven together across the skein of space and time.


It was in 2016 during the “God Loves You” episode of the Journey Home that I first met Niekko Chin, a fellow avatar of the Awakening traveling the realms. We had intersected in the forests of Sedona, Arizona, at a vortex of geomantic energies well frequented by the lightworkers and travelers of the New World. Here he shared with me how he had received a vision on the slopes of sacred Mt. Shasta to leave his previous career and create a conscious festival for the evolution of the people. It was a major moment on the Quest, destined to be followed by a series of unplanned synchronicities that revealed our shared purposing as ambassadors of a more heavenly earth.


As per his offering, in 2017 the Journey Home brought me to the Zen Awakening festival in Orlando, Florida. Niekko had promised us space to present the Mythica in a workshop, yet it was a difficult year for the festival, flush with many snafus and scheduling conflicts. As our time to give the workshop approached, we made our way to what we thought was a presentation area only to discover that the area was not completely set up.

While this was momentarily confusing, I recognized the opportunity to trust the Divine unfoldment, and informed Yeshua that we’d simply move through the festival grounds, trusting that we would be led to the proper place to deliver the teachings. Soon enough, a structure appeared in the field, a pyramid-shaped structure with the sign ‘Ancient School of Mystery’ sitting at it’s base. Along it’s surface were a collection of glyphs, icons evocative of the egyptian mysteries, including pictures of Anubis, Isis and Thoth, all emblazoned on the fabric as the modern hieroglyphs of the current Age. Clearly, this was where we were ordained the give the talk, and we entered, bringing with us a number of people we met along the path who expressed interest in the teachings.

To give the presentation in such a space was a mystical experience in and of itself, for it was the very embodiment of it’s own archetype, a pyramid held within the mythopoetic space of the Zen Awakening invocation, shining across the ethers of the Mythica like a beacon of remembered light. Here, I gave a heartfelt talk, discussing the nature of the Mythica and the gradual remembrance of the truth – that we are the Gods and the Goddesses, manifest in the octaves of the current world. Emphasizing my point, I expressed one of the principles of the yoga of story, that we arrived in the perfect form at the perfect time for each other, each embodying the archetypical essence that was required for the unfoldment of our various stories.

In that moment, a figure comes to the entrance to the pyramid, wearing an Anubis mask, the symbol of an Owl etched onto his chest. Beneath the covering upon his face, I hear his voice say “I felt the energy, calling me here. How can I be of service?”

“Of course you did” I say, and turned to the audience – “And this is what i’m talking about”.

At my request, Anubis removes his mask, and introduces himself as Navi Ethereal, a fellow guardian of gateways and servant to the Divine unfoldment moving through us all. It was a magic moment, one proving the principles of the physics of the quest and yet as significant as it was, such was only the beginning of a much larger unfoldment as in 2018 during the “Shasta Synchronicity” and “Discovering Cascadia” episodes of the mine and Yeshua’s quests, we were destined to encounter Navi Ethereal again, this time in at the base of sacred Mt. Shasta, the very place where Niekko first received the guidance to create the Zen Awakening festival in service to the Awakening.


It was in 2018 that Yeshua Lucis and I made our way from the southlands of California towards my faerie brethren in the northwest territories of the Americas. As part of the journey we were led past the majestic and magical Mt. Shasta, considered by some to be the root chakra of Gaia, Herself. As we approached, we set the intention to gather some of the blessed and cleansing waters that poured forth from her base, considered by many to be a source of great healing and wholeness.

“This is a magical place” I told Yeshua. “Where many avatars come to gather. I sense that we shall meet a Character from the Great Story here.”

“You can you tell?” he asked.

“It’s the nature of Stories.”

Together, we approached the water. As we did, we run into a familiar figure, Navi Ethereal, appearing once more in synchronicity, flush with the energies of that sacred land!

Once again, the physics of the quest proved themselves to be true, with familiar faces appearing in perfect timing, offering a glimpse into the lands beneath the land which give rise to all our stories. Here, we recognized Navi in his role as a guardian, honouring the totem of the Owl and the wisdom he carried before the rushing waters of Shasta’s healing grace. To encounter him here was a thing of grace, for it was on Shasta that Niekko received the vision to create Zen Awakening, the threads of that sacred synchronicity moving across the ethers of the akasha in a radiance of shared story.


Yet even this was not the end, but merely another thread in the loom of the Great Story, hinting at a destiny of connection that would play out once more at the Zen Awakening festival, this time in 2020. Here, we would encounter the Characters of Navi and Niekko once more as well as the emergent avatar Kayla Rodriguez in the sacred pyramid.

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