Peter Fae

Follow the adventures of Peter Fae as he travels the underlands of the Mythica, tracking the way to Heaven on Earth across the real World of magick.

The Journey Home

Peter Fae – From the Quest ( Collected )


The Journey Home – EP03 – “The Emerald City”

Laptops gone, yet feeling finedrunk upon the Story wineas we pound and pound our feetback again upon the street.Here we share a faerie songkeys of dark and whitefor the Emerald peoplefull of sacred...

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The Journey Home – EP02 – Agents of Avalon

To the place of Shakespeare’s versea space of Story on the Earthas we walk the lines and prose of our high desireso we find our paths are led to the Ashland Shire We continue along the highway. In...


The Journey Home – E01 – Return to Faerie

“Walk the colours through the realmsPut your heart right at the helmPast the planes of surface sightThe underlands of shadow brightDo the work and then you’re freethe mythic world inside of...