Peter’s Purpose

In Reflections from the Quest by Peter Fae

Mapping the Mythica has been a beautiful challenge. A task which required I face the trials of my mythos such that I could even be in the action of writing this to you. In which I had to learn to be in wielding with the Gift of my siddhi such that I could bring that Gift to the World.

She is, at her core, a map of the many realms of the Creation and a guidebook for the movement from one reality to another. A portal through which one can remember their way back Home.

To create her is the life purpose of my avatar. Of Peter Fae. The reason for which I incarnated through the specific conditions of his form. You see, as Peter, I was both with a particular awareness meant to perform a particular function. In which I was practically driven to do in order to even survive within the Earth plane.

It was this function that became grounds for the Quest itself, a long trek of finding my way through the many realms of the Creation back to the Source from whence I had came, discovering on the way the minutia of the human condition and it’s inevitable rise to it’s own Awakening.

Such was my heroic journey, moving across the many roads of the rainbow bridge. In which I came to see the nature of our collective transformation from the old paradigm to the remembrance of who we really are.
It was an exploration of the subtle realms, deeper into the magic and the substance of the Creation itself.

Walking the Rainbow Road, Knowing the self

Along the way, I would come to realize the nature of form itself, of the space in which things happened and the Divine context in which those things had meaning. In which I came to see that how the persistent journal of remembrance I was shaping would become a beacon for the World. A way for all beings to see a new context for their many heroic journeys across the landscape of time and space that is the akasha, deeper into their own myth.

To do this is no mean feat, for all beings live within their own reality, the sacred reflection of their own substance of self. To build a structure that could hold space for that meant discerning the principles that underlie these many forms and Stories. To find one’s way to the place where Stories are born.

This is, at it’s core, a yoga of being. Of coming to realization as to the nature of the self and the many ways in which our tales interact, forming the Great Story of our collective unfoldment. To create the Mythica required that thing. The attainment and clarification of the Gift that defined Peter’s journey through the incarnate, in which he would come to know the nature of the rainbow bridge itself and the many Worlds.

Yet to understand this is difficult, for it requires consistent clarity of awareness. It requires a meta-perspective on the nature of unfoldment and it’s acceptance, in which one learns the nature of one’s heroic journey as the looking glass of one perspective across the seas of the self, making their way to a new reality along the rainbow bridge.

For this, I was led to create the Mythica. A way of documenting that sacred journey, of showing the subtle landscape of impressions that more truly defined our conditions as well as the means of moving through our many adventures.

In this way the journey logs of our blog and the Storybooks act as a rabbit hole, a way of going deeper into that magical World. In which the reader can look around, peek into other Worlds, and discover the Characters of the emergence.

When you read the tales of the Journey Home and the Seed Within, you are being given a viewpoint into that journey through the space of the akasha. In which we document the mystic alchemies we do in order to live deeper into the magical embodiment of our selves. The Mythica.

In this way, the Journey Home and the Seed Within act as openings into that deeper perspective of the map of our myth. In which the narrative anchors the conversation of our movement along the many perspectives and realities within our potential. Such is the shamanic adventure across the multiverse, told in the modern hieroglyph. The underlying purpose beneath the photos, the music and the magic witnessed throughout the site. The Divine function for which the temple was made, to map and way back to Heaven on Earth.

About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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