Physics of the Quest – Overview

As a teaching platform, the Stories in Into the Mythica are designed to showcase certain Universal principles which relate to the nature of our sacred Path and the application of the subtle arts to change our circumstances for the brighter.

As Authors and Explorers of the real magical World, our Stories serve as a demonstration of the physics of the Quest on the Path.

Here, we investigate and show examples of how we live in a Friendly, supportive Universe, and how all things work towards our benefit, despite what they may seem to be on the surface.

Proving the Principles of the Journey to Heaven on Earth

The Physics of the Quest are integral to the ecosystem of the Mythica, acting as a central hub of educational reference for the many offerings within the site.

The Physics of the Quest glyph

Throughout the text of the Author’s Stories, Wisdom teachings and articles within the Mythica, you will see the glyph for the physics of the quest, a golden gear suggesting the underlying mechanics of the Creation.

By clicking on this gear, you will be brought to articles which will illuminate these natural laws, linking to them from the Stories that feature them. In this way, as more and more Authors come to witness their own journey, we will come to remember together that we live in a friendly Universe, supported in the ways for us to transform our lives for the better.