As part of the educational teachings of the Mythica, Author’s stories and the articles within the site refer to the physics of the quest, the underlying principles beneath ALL Stories, all heroic journeys, and which form the landscapes of our legend.

Read the Overview to the Physics of the Quest

Throughout the text, there are links to various pages within the Academy designed to help You understand the physics underlying your own Story.

Proving the Principles – Showing that we live in a Friendly Universe

As a teaching platform, the Stories in Into the Mythica are designed to showcase certain Universal principles which relate to the nature of our sacred Path and the application of the subtle arts to change our circumstances for the brighter.

Here, we investigate and show examples of how we live in a Friendly, supportive Universe, and how all things work towards our benefit, despite what they may seem to be on the surface.

The teachings presented here are deeply integrated into the practice of Akasha Yoga, where we come to see the nature of our journey and how we move into a new paradigm of health, wholeness, and expansion.

The Teaching Story

As a teaching platform, the Stories of Into the Mythica illuminate the nature of the heroic journey and the principles by which our experience unfolds.

To facilitate this, particular words are automatically linked to help pages which illuminate both the physics of the quest and the various aspects of the emergent World.

For example, when we use words like akasha, the rainbow road, the surface and the subtle and others, they all link to pages which illuminate those concepts, furthering the Reader’s understanding of the applied practices that lead us to a brighter reality.