To discover the magical World of our inner potential, we must make our way across many realms of our being, navigating through the waters of our own subconscious and into the vibrational cause of our circumstance.

Beginning the journey into the subconscious, the depths of your self

This is akin to making a journey across an ocean of vibrations, in which we are exploring the various “islands” and territory of our own undiscovered self.

 In this way, we are explorers, making our way from the distortions of scarcity and confusion into the Worlds of Abundance and Beauty, remembering always that we live in a Friendly universe that supports us on our journey.

To move forward, we must face these patterns, dissolving and resolving them to glean the light of wisdom that lay beyond.  A challenging task, and the basis for all self-development.

This is not easy, for the unconscious patterns which have created our surface reality require attending.  Like choppy water, our viewpoint is affected by that which lay beneath the surface of our conscious mind.  While our inner waters are in this state, we cannot perceive or receive the abundance that is our birthright.

Yet as we do, the reward is tremendous, for through our trials and tribulations we gain pearls of wisdom, ways of understanding our self and our circumstance.  Such is the heroic journey, to discover new Worlds within that manifest without.

Here we discover the portal to another way of being.  It is only through facing that which obscures our own light that we may gain the wisdom we need to move forward.  To move through the inner gateway to a new reality.