Formlessness and Form

Let’s start here.  You are not the self.  You are awareness itself, looking through the lens of your current self and it’s purpose within the much larger unfoldment.  What you call your ‘ego’ and sense of individual self is what defines your current experience.  Yet while this defines a sense of self-identity, such is also an illusion of separation, more truly an expression of something much larger. 

Congradulations.  That’s enlightenment.

In context, most yogas of the pre-Ascendent paradigm have a focus on transcendence of the self, focusing on the essence of the Divine and the formlessness that is our point-of-origin.  In this process, there is an inevitable revelation that one is not the little ‘self’ or the ‘ego’ of self-definition, but rather awareness itself.  Moving in this direction *from* the limited perception of self *to* that realization, is the common goal of most yogas.

In the Mythica, we are doing something different.  Rather than focusing on the yoga of transcendence, our interest lay in the yoga of embodiment, deepening into what it means to have a ‘self’ in the context of it’s life and it’s function within the much larger collective field.  While it is understood that BOTH paths, that of transcendence and of embodiment eventually lead to the goal of realization, our focus is on embodying our higher aspect through the form.

In this, we are articulating the nature of the the Quest for embodiment, the discovery of the Divine design that lay within us, the dharma and seed that is built into the very nature of our current, albeit impermanent, ‘self’.  It in this Great Work, the process of embodying the unique qualities of our current Character in the Great Story, that we transform our circumstance and that of the World.