Our World is defined by particular principles.  Natural Laws which define the way everything in the material plane functions.  Our lives are expressions of those principles in action.  As we come to understand these principles, we gain more facility with life.

In the Physics of the Quest we are showing the natural laws that define our Stories, our movement towards realization along our sacred Path.  In doing so, we seek to provide a firmament for the Reader’s understanding of their own Quest, to see the unique expression of a more Universal principle in their own life.

What is most important to understand is that a Law of Nature is much larger than human law, which relates to various impermanences of culture and awareness.  Unlike the changing tides of such things, natural Law is constant.  It is the thing by which human law is defined.  The wisdom and defining context of Nature.

As we go on our human journey, our Quest along the Path is defined by the same laws that govern all things.  Yet while this is constant, our awareness of them is not.  It is in the remembering of these truths that all yogas are based.