The Elements of Form

As the cascade of Divine intelligence makes it’s way into manifestation, it falls like a series of raindrops from Heaven to Earth, rippling the substance of each drop’s unique configuration of the prime elements across the field of the Akasha in it’s manifestation as the World Tree.

The Primal Qualities

As Akasha coalesces into form, it crystallizes into the vibrational qualities of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Akasha.  Each embodies a primal suchness of vibration required for the creation of all form in the material plane.

Elementally, all form in the Universe is made of various qualities and quantities of the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akasha (Spirit, or Ether).  All manifestations whether gross or subtle are composed of these in various configurations across the canvas of spacetime.  It is the structure upon which the manifest Universe is built.

From this perspective, all form, no matter how subtle, is composed of these five basic qualities.  Meaning, our thoughts, beliefs, the various impressions that create our mythologies and cultural ideologies and their architecture, the very underpinnings of mortal experience have a basis in the elemental World.

Everything is made of the primal qualities.  Everything.

All aspects of our experience from the subtle to the surface of our perception, is made from this substance, occurring in varying configurations of itself.  It is these configurations which make up the multitude of forms within the Creation.

The Intelligent Universe

As an expression of Divine intelligence manifesting through form, there is a fundamental consciousness which moves through the elements of the Creation.

This is the subtlest form of the consciousness of the deva, the elemental intelligences that facilitate the natural World.

As our human selves are made of this same substance, It is these subtle threads of primal qualities which form the basis for the various expressions psychoemotional states that occur in the human condition.

This becomes extremely relative when we look at the substance of our current self, the qualities of consciousness it embodies, and our relationship to the qualities we encounter on our Quest.

To illuminate the way in which the primal elements within the Akasha manifest into our current Character in the Great Story, consider the droplet of our current Divine design as creating ripples of itself through the Akasha.

From this perspective, the structure of each point of view is essential a drop of the liquidity of the Akash through which awareness witnesses experience. In this context, a multitude of points of view are likewise seen as a multitude of drops within the much larger ocean of the Akash, each made of their own unique configuration of those five elements.

As it moves towards manifestation in the World Tree of the material plane, it’s substance crystallizes, the liquidity taking on an impermanent shape based on the substance of that design.

Yet while this appears solid, it is not. As part of the larger ocean of the Akash, the substance of the droplet which produces our lens of perspective is constantly shifting, albeit subtly, across all the conditions of our experience of being human.

As one makes the movement from formlessness into form, the substance of the akasha crystallizes into matrices of the five elements.

In this way, the ocean of swirling elemental energies takes on a temporary and significant firmament, whose very structure determines the shape of our Story.  This is akin to a swirling mass of colors taking on a more rigid form.

This point-of-entry forms the basis for the locus of one’s conditions.  It is the first point of establishment of our self and the Character it plays in the Great Story.

Witnessing this configuration of elements as a crystalline structure made of the five elements, each viewpoint that we experience of the Creation functions much like a prism through which the light of awareness passes, casting a rainbow of it’s own qualities of refracted light around it.  Seen on the most subtle level of form, we live within the halo of our own substance.  This is the basis for the Law of Reflection, that we live within the holographic reflection of our current shape of consciousness.

In this way, the circumstance of our lives are witnessed as the formless light of awareness itself cascading through the prism, or lens of our current self.  This is akin to the imprint of colored light that is projected when light passes through the unique configuration of stained glass, in which the shape of our current lens of self is the pattern in the glass.

As awareness looking into the human condition through the lens of the self, what we perceive is directly relative to this configuration of elements, acting as a prismatic lens through which we experience the Creation.

Since we are looking through the structure of this prismatic looking glass of perspective, what we are capable of perceiving and receiving within the Creation is intrinsically related to the shape of our current self.  Our bandwidth and hologram within the infinite potential of the Akasha.

Such is the structure of the self, a droplet of uniqueness amidst an ocean of ever-changing elements.

Intrinsically part of the much larger Universe of which it is a part.
Yet what of the nature of that uniqueness? How does this apply to our experience of being?