On the elemental planes of perception, the substance of the creation plays out for me as subtle textures, threads of vibration that weave together into all the forms within the material plane. While they are one of many ways in which I view the Creation, they are a beautiful manner of witnessing. A way of contextualizing the vast energies of the akasha from the micro to the macro of its viewing.

To my vantage, these are the threads of Heaven and Earth, of the Akasha and the World Tree, forming the weaving of all forms.

In this way of seeing, all form is made of filaments of the five primal elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Akasha. In which a deep pattern of woven threads is seen, the primal essence of what play out as cause and effect (sometimes known as ‘karma’) and the essence of one’s Path (sometimes known as ‘dharma’).

In the same way as a droplet of water is simply a smaller experience of an ocean, the microcosm of threads that make up our conditions can also been seen from great expanse as the threadlines of our timelines and their weave across the Great Story of our shared unfoldment.