There is no separation.  There is only the Self.  A single, unified field of consciousness within which we experience an impermanent sense of perceived separation, which we call our ‘self’.  Note the small ‘s’.
Despite what things seem to be from the perception of separation that defines the unrealized state of consciousness, there is only the single, unified field of consciousness through which we experience reality, seen from a variety of viewpoints.

As awareness having a human experience, our journey is likewise defined by this perceived separation and it’s dissolution, a process of gradual realization that is often called ‘enlightenment’.  Like all aspects of the Creation, this occurs through a unique configuration of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akasha, the prime qualities that make up all matter.  What we experience as our personal journey is a configuration of those qualities seen from varying degrees of awareness within the distortion of perceived separation.  Yet ultimately, there is only the structure of form itself and our relationship to it.  To what it means to have form.  To have a self, in the context of the much larger Self.

Such is a beautiful thing of many angles, for while the experience of perceived separation creates the uniqueness of our experience, it is fundamentally misaligned with our True nature, that of being a singular and Unified consciousness, and is the source of most of the issues humans face on the Earth today.

Why is there the perception of separation?

Most distortions within the human condition have their origin in the perception of separation and the agitation caused by attitudes and actions misaligned with our fundamental unity.  Yet while this is the very definition of the unrealized state of being, it is also the genesis of our Stories, the beautiful and sublime uniqueness of our experience and our personal Quest of self-discovery.

Many texts on the yogas of being focus on the ideal, the goal of Unity, placing their focus on what is, from a certain point of view, “ultimately” real.  While accurate from that point of view, such sometimes has the tendency to disregard the little ‘self’ and it’s many perceptions of the World, relegating them to the concept of ‘maya’, or illusion.
To experience the perception of separation, though illusory, is a beautiful thing.  Without such a temporary limitation, we would not experience the progression that returns us to Home.  We would have no Quest, no adventure, no lessons or revelations.  To experience this frame-of-reference creates the conditions by which we experience the infinite variety of relationships that define our human Story.

In this way we are both the collective awareness *and* the individual self, experiencing the Creation in our own unique way, intrinsically connected to the much larger consciousness of which we are made.

The selves of the Self

As beings experiencing the amnesia of separation, we experience a portion of the elemental movements going through the larger Self as our limited viewpoint, or self.

All conditions within our experience are relative to this thing, to the overall condition of the Collective Self and it’s current configuration of elements within the manifest World.  When there is a distortion in the field, it lives within ALL of our little selves.  When there is brightness and granduer, this exists within ALL of our selves.  Where there is darkness, where there is light, all exist within all aspects of the Creation, for there is only the substance of the Akasha and our perception of it.

Likewise, All religions, spirituaities, and other impermanent forms within the Akasha are expressions of this more holistic understanding of Self.  Like the minutia of individual selves of which they are made, they are merely facets of a much larger whole, the lotus jewel of the Creation, the Universal Self of which they are a small and necessary part.

All conditions are Collective

From the distorted perspective of separation, the issues of the World often fall into a mishmash of blame, shame, redemption and forgiveness in which beings must make peace with the existence of a particular pattern in the Collective field and their horizon of awareness regarding it.

This means that when there is an issue in the Self, there is an issue in all the selves.  The distortions and redemption of all things is SHARED.  It also means that all selves in their various conditions and degrees of Realization are simply an expression of the much larger Self.

The fundamental error, or ‘sin’ (which simply means to ‘miss the mark’, or require correction) in the human condition is the distortion of this Truth.  The idea that we are somehow separate from other aspects of the collective self and their attainments of Divine embodiment.  When we understand this, we align more deeply with the Truth of being, easing the agitation that occurs from misalignment.  Within this is the correction which leads to Grace, Wholeness and Abundance of all forms.

A perfect example of this is the question of Love and of the sensuality that is our birthright.  From the distortion of perceived separation, beings judge and condemn that which they find inappropriate, not realizing that in doing so, they are limiting their own experience of Love by denying another aspect of our Collective Self.

Once again, this relates directly to our experience of the Abundance of a quality we wish to see in our lives.  We must clear our reaction to it such that we experience more.

This is challenging, for the state of being which experiences the perception of separation does not, by definition, have gnosis of this understanding,and therefore experiences repetitive agitation from embodying such a state, manifesting as subtly distorted thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  This in turn leads to the various inequities in our relationships with other aspects of the whole.  This distortion, seen at large, is what is referenced in the phrase “the old paradigm”.

To remedy this demands the embodiment of the high ideals of all spiritualities, that of Love, Compass, Discernment, Forgiveness and the like, each acting in it’s own way as a soothing balm to the agitation within which produces and maintains the incorrect viewpoint of perceived separation.