Wisdom Tree  Teachers

Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and the Author of the Journey Home, revealing the techniques by which we may dissolve  the illusion of separation into the collective consciousness and shared unfoldment of our inherent Unity.

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Yeshua Lucis is an Akashic Yogi and Author of the Seed Within, documenting his journey across the realms of manifestation and consciousness to a more heavenly world. Trained in the mystic arts, he brings a fresh and intuitive perspective to healing and divination.

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Samson Love is a Master Alchemist, bringing together lifetimes of modalities in Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Healing and Sacred Relationship Coaching to provide ways for us to heal and step into our next level of right-relationship with our Self, each other, and the Divinity to which we are all a part.

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Miaty Odom is an accomplished counselor and facilitator, having worked in the healing modalities for more than seventeen years and acts as a guide to the Mother Matrix, embodying the return to the Divine Feminine through the tantric arts.

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Master E Chin (Niekko Chin) is a deep student of the meditative and manifestation arts, bringing a lifetime of experience in the subtle arts to the table in service.  He acts as a guide and counselor for those seeking to enter the mystical World and discover their Path.

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Paul "Boggie' Brighton brings to the table lifetimes of experience in Taoist alchemy, specializing in various forms of Qi Gong and empowerment.

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