Continuing with our metaphor of traveling across an ocean of consciousness, as we move through the subtle impressions that make up our reality, we begin to see the lines of synchronicitiy, of cause and effect.

As we travel deeper, the patterns and mythologies that underlie our lives are seen as lines of synchronicity and serendipity, an endless interwoven play of cause and effect across many lifetimes.  We see the network of mythlines that define the Great Story.  The essence of alL Paths, the roots and branches of the World Tree.
Here we see, our Paths are the roots and branches of the World Tree.  The infinite interwoven loom of our many lives and adventures.  This is the realm when one may see the mythosphere, the intersections of synchronicity that occur for our Characters as we play out our role along our particular mythos.

While we exist in the material plane, we are always moving through the World Tree.  Through the many Worlds connected through her subtle roots and branches.

At this level of depth, one sees how the World Tree is the material plane itself.  How the subtle impressions within the Akasha manifest themselves into our lives.  We see the patterns of Heaven and Earth in their microscopic and macroscopic form, both the individual and the Great Story of our unfoldment.

Yet what lay beyond the tree? As consciousness continues to move towards the Source of all things, even the lines of the tree dissolve.  We look towards the inner horizon, to the elemental planes that define all outer form.

As we move forward, we look back, and see the Great Tree, the leaves and branches of our many timeilnes, dissolving past this subtle level of form even deeper to the Source of all that is.