Shadows and Distortions

In order to reach the realms of Abundance within the magical World, we must face the distortions within our subconscious.  The Shadows that block the Light.  On our sacred Path, this plays out as the challenges that we have, the fears and agitations, the people and places who share the distortions from the Love and expansion that is our birthright.

Here, we face the parts of our subconscious which are misaligned with the abundance of awareness and manifestation that is our birthright.  We face the distorted patterns that sit within and are our portion of the collective distortion to transform.

In the context of the World of Stories, this is every villain, every antagonist, everything that must be faced.  These are the trials of our Path.

Yet trials lead to treasure.  As we face these shadows within that manifest without, we grow in character.  We become the change we wish to see in the World, transforming our circumstance from the inside-out.

When we do this, clearing our way through the patterns in our subconscious that play out in our relationships, we gain greater access to the abundance of Ideas, understanding and vitality that is the true nature of the Universe.

We become the embodiment of that resolution, helping ourselves and others through the act of our personal heroism.
Such is the treasure beyond the trial.