The Akasphere is the subtle atmosphere within Gaia in which the lines of cause and effect, the underlying web of our synchronicities and the unfoldment of our shared lives, may be witnessed.

Yet while it always exists, the akasphere exists on a very subtle level of perception, and requires deep awareness to perceive. 

To assist in the understanding of this crucial element of witnessing our shared unfoldment, Into the Mythica presents a vast number of ways in which this may be visualized and perceived by the Reader.

The Akasphere is fundamental to the witnessing of the Great Story, for it is the layer of perception in which we may see the much larger expression of Divine intelligence moving beneath the surface perception of the World.

Synchronicity occurs within the space of the akasphere, with each of our character avatars intersecting one another in a latticework of shared gravity.

It is in the akasphere that we may witness the neural net of the Divine Mind expressed as the roots and branches of our many Stories, intersecting one another in synchronicities across the space of the akasha. Where we come to see the flower of life, the pattern that sits beneath our many timelines.

Here, one may see the timelines, the roots and branches of the World Tree of our many Stories, weaving in and out of each other, forming a latticework of causal events which express themselves through our lives.