Ley Lines across the planet

As a living organism and the vessel for Divine Intelligence, there are lines of energy which move through the body of Gaia like capillaries of elemental vitality. In the current languaging of this Age, these are known as ley lines, and are part of the subtle architecture of the Creation.

This pattern of facilitating energy throughout the ecosystem of the World Tree occurs on all levels of being, in which the ley lines that cross the planet and the capillary-like threads of a leaf are but different scales of the same underlying principle.

As aspects of the intrinsic energy system of the planet, ley lines are analogous to the meridians of the human body, pulsing with subtle energy along the skin of Gaia. They are the “skeleton structure” for many sacred spaces upon the planet to which travelers have been drawn to over the millennia of human experience.

Like so many aspects of the deeper octave of our human experience, recognizing the Ley lines requires a cultivation of our awareness to perceive.

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