There is no separation. There is a causality, a reason why we run into particular people and circumstances along our sacred Path. All of our Stories are linked, woven together by the roots and branches of the World Tree and expressing as the synchronicity of events in our lives.

This is impossible to see on the surface of awareness, yet is spoken of constantly in the culture of evolving consciousness. More and more often we speak of “the Unified field”, of “collective consciousness”, declaring that we are One being, that we are all reflections of one another, all of which is true.

Yet while this inquiry is a noble pursuit, it also requires a certain depth of subtlety to perceive, to see the actual expression of that unified mind, the movement of that Divine Intelligence playing out as the circumstances of our experience.

In this context, we are showing that what we perceive as the interwoven threads of our personal and collective timelines are the manifestation of that deeper pattern, that of Divine Intelligence moving through the material plane, expressing through our lives.

In this way, the rootwork and branches of the World Tree are recognized as the model of our interwoven relationships, our path lines connecting in synchronicity across space and time.

To perceive the World Tree is difficult, for it requires a certain subtlety of awareness. One capable of perceiving the larger pattern behind the intersection of our various Paths and Purposes along our sacred Path. In this way, Mythica Authors provide an ongoing proof for the Reader, witnessing the various synchronicities that occur on the Path as evidence of the causal nature of the roots and branches of the tree.