The journey into the realms of magic, wonder and abundance is an elemental one, in which we come to understand the substance of our consciousness and how the structure of what defines our current Character creates it’s reality.

Most beings are asleep at this time to the depths of who and what they actually are.  As we make the journey to the Abundance that is our birthright, we must investigate the relationship between our subconscious mind and it’s effect on our manifestation.  Such is the ancient quest of all yogi’s and explorers of consciousness, to discover the much vaster aspect of our potential that lay beneath the surface.

As most of our body is made of Water, this element becomes the most appropriate metaphor to describe our inner journey to the abundance that lay within.

From a structural perspective, the conditions of our manifestation are the embodiment of subtle impressions within the structure of the self.  To illustrate this, consider an iceberg.  In this example, the part of the iceberg that sits above the waterline is our conscious awareness.  Beneath it, and of far greater mass and influence upon the surrounding oceanscape, is our subconscious, containing within it our portion of the patterns within the collective field that must be addressed to allow for easier manifestation aligned with our Divine design, the seed within.

This has a tremendous effect on our manifestation, for the unknown and far greater mass of what lay beneath the surface of our consciousness awareness is what truly gives rise to our manifestations.  This is the understanding of the mass of our consciousness seen from the vantage that most beings have barely scratched the surface of how deep their current self is.

The self seen as a temporary sculpture of water in solid form

In this context, most beings live on the surface of their awareness of self, not understanding that their manifest reality is deeply affected by what lay beneath their line of Mystery, the patterns and impressions within the ‘ice’ of their subconscious.

To make our journey into the magical World, we must clear these patterns, doing the inner work that changes our outer experience.

All healing and movement towards wholeness involves the clearing of these causal impressions which, on the most subtle level of form, literally create the conditions of our incarnation from one droplet of form to another.
A challenging task, yet within this mass of self and the necessity of clearing it’s subconscious patterns lay a tremendous gift.  The purpose of one’s life, waiting to be unearthed through the ice.  The seed within.