On the subtle planes of awareness, the energies of our Self radiate around the gravity of our seed within, forming an energetic halo of circumstance.

This is the structural basis for the idea that we live within the hologram of our own consciousness, and is an integral part of the deep understanding of the nature of our manifestation and the circumstances of our Life.

For a moment, choose to expand your awareness.  To step outside of your Self, and see that Self as a sculpture of energy.  A lens, through which You are viewing and interacting with the World.

From a fundamentally structural perspective, that lens is made of particular patterns of energy. Particular and unique qualities of vibration which, like the prism of colours that are seen when Light passes through as stained glass window, create their own pattern on the surface of the World.

Like these windows of bright colour, each of our manifestations are entirely unique, part and parcel of the Gift that is inherent in the nature of our being.  While on the elemental level this plays out as particular qualities of vibration, on the Surface plane of our awareness it manifests as the circumstance of our lives.  As we witness the uniqueness of our particular stained glass lens, appreciating it’s tones and hues of Light, we gain insight into the fundamental pattern of our existence.  The emanation of the Divine that plays out in our experience.

This is akin to seeing the World through the stained glass window, and experiencing the Creation from this perspective.  Depending on the configuration of our particular lens, we experience a different reality from the root outwards, including our beliefs, the synchronicities that we encounter along the Path, the circumstances of our reality, everything.  All derived from the pattern of energy that gives us Self-definition on the most elemental and subtle of levels.

From this perspective, EVERY potential reality is ultimately a configuration of various vibrational qualities, which play out as the varying hues and textures upon our ‘stained glass – lens of self’.  This in turn gives rise to our very definition of Self.

The Lens and the Compass are two ways of looking at the same thing.

In the context of the Mythica there is the understanding that we are not the Self, we are pure Awareness, experiencing the Creation through our current lens of perception.  Our ‘Lens of the Self‘.  Within this is the understanding that on the most subtle levels of form, Mind and Matter are One.  How we perceive the World and our actual manifest circumstances are intrinsically connected.

In this we see that the elemental substance of our current lens of Self and the reality in which we move are one and the same.  From here, we see that the compass of our personal realm of reality is a mapwork of this pattern of vibration.

Seen on the causal and subtle levels of perception, each individual lives within the holographic reflection of the substance of their own lens of self, in which they only see a small portion of the infinite possibility within the Akash. Seen from an energetic viewpoint, we are literally living within the hues and textures of our own energetic matrix, inside an entire reality formed from the substance of our own self.