We live in an Abundant universe, full of Love, expansion and Grace.  Yet in order to receive that treasure in it’s various forms, we must deepen our awareness of what truly is.

All things occur in the field of awareness.  It is the conduit through which we are able to perceive and receive the Abundance of the Creation.  When we live in the shallows of our awareness, we see only the surface of the World.  Yet as we deepen into our self, as we cultivate our perception of the ever-more subtle distinctions of what is, we live a more robust life, bathing in the glory of the Creation that was always there, waiting to be seen.

This increase in awareness is paralleled by an increase in Abundance, for awareness is the conduit by which energy flows.  It is very much like being in a dark room filled with treasure.  

Without awareness, one cannot see the treasure, and assumes in it’s ignorance that it does not exist.  Yet this is untrue.  As stated earlier, we live in an Abundant universe.  What changes is not the Abundance, but our perception and reception of it.

As a simple metaphor, consider that you are holding a candle in that room.  Here and there, you can make out somewhat glittering things, yet it is muted, faded, and barely seen.

Now imagine that you are holding a flashlight.  With this degree of luminance, more of the sparkly objects can be seen.  You start to realize that there is something there.

Now, a searchlight.  A much larger amount of luminance, which reveals that you have been standing in the middle of a pile of treasure.  The room has not changed.  You have.

Awareness is the key to Abundance.

Abundance is our birthright.  Grace and Goodness are the true underlying tones of the Creation.

In the context of the Mythica, our heroic journey is one of movement from the distorted and unenlightened version of our reality into a more Abundant, Graceful manifestation.  It is a Path of clearing and transformation, in which we dissolve the conditions of scarcity and limitation into a more expansive reality.

Key to this is the understanding that we live in a Friendly Universe.  That despite what things seem to be on the surface of our perception, we live in a benevolent reality that wishes to help us discover who we really are.  This is a grand evolution that takes place across a landscape of experiences which reveal the patterns within our own consciousness that are creating our manifestation.

In this context, our sacred Path is a heroic journey to the discovery of our seed within, the Gift of our being that wishes to express itself out into the World, occurring in the context of a Friendly Universe that wishes to help us.

As we travel along our journey, we encounter any number of experiences, trials and challenges, questions and confusions, which form the basis of our personal evolution.  One in which we must face the distorted patterns within ourselves that are misaligned with the Abundant nature of the Universe.  In which we must learn how to transform the substance of our consciousness to live in a more expansive reality.

This is challenging, for in our blossoming awareness, we do not always remember that we live in a Friendly Universe.  As we face our challenges, we do not always recognize that the scarce and fearful ways in which we are perceiving our experience are not the Truth, but a distortion from the ever-expansive energy which truly is.

As we make our sacred journey deeper into the Mythica, we come to understand that all things relate to the Friendly universe and our perception and reception of the abundance that is our birthright.