We are more than what we appear as on the surface of awareness.  Seen in the subtle realms of the Underlands, the qualities of consciousness which make up our Character are the embodiment of the creatures of myth and legend in the modern context.

To receive this, we must again look at the layers of perception from the shallows of the surface plane to perceive the deeper archetypical energies that play out as our characters on the World stage.

As we do this, we come to see there is another layer to our selves. A mystical self, always present beneath the surface of our self-perception.

This is the subtle layer of the Mythica, the octave of magic and wonder.

There are many ways of divining the Self.  Many systems which seek to identify the fundamental vibrational qualities that make up our various characters in the Great Story.

On a structural level, these are what give rise to the mythology of Goddesses and Gods, embodiments of particular qualities of vibration through cultural patterns.