To navigate through the underlands of the Akasha requires a reorientation of one’s viewpoint to see the relationship between our sacred Path and the psychoemotional and manifest conditions of our lives. It is an act of divination that defines the journey to a mew reality. it is here we use a new tool of divination, what we refer to as the Akashic Compass.

Navigating the Realms of the World Tree

The World Tree, a.k.a. The material plane

When we understand that all material realities are manifest along the roots and branches of the World Tree, we begin to explore the difference between those realities, also known as realms.

This is a beautiful thing, for it is the very landscape of the heroic journey, the topography of the territories through which we walk our heroic Path to a new realm of manifestation.

The Akashic Compass

With the Akashic Compass, we use the arts of divination to inquire into the current substance of our form. To discern what realm of being we are embodying at any given moment.

The Akashic Compass

Seen from a structural perspective, this means what configuration of the five primal elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Ether) we are currently constructed of, and what reality that embodies into our circumstance. With the Akashic Compass, we reframe the concept of divining the condition of one’s chakras and resolving patterns into the theography (Divine landscape) of the Akash to discovery what realm of the World Tree of the material plane we are moving through.