Realms are the Landscape of the Heroic Journey.  They are what You navigate on your Compass of Self.

Consider your Path.  A threadline of experiences, of trials and triumphs over our current lifetime and beyond.  It is a thing that occurs on both the surface and subtle aspects of our experience.  Our Path is not simply a thing that occurs in the gross physical Universe, it is also a movement through the conscious and subconscious patterns within our own consciousness.  It is in the fusion of these things that we come to see the nature of the realms through which we move.

While we may move through a physical location, we are simultaneously moving through a psychic landscape, filled with the various patterns that make up our current experience.  In the above slider, a traveler stands on a physical road, looking onward.  Yet this is merely the surface of his experience.  In the subtle realms, he moves through a deep and energetic inner landscape, made of the current qualities of his lens of Self.  Such forms the topography of one’s mythical journey across their experience.

We live in the substance of our own current self

Very often in modern spirituality we hear the expression, “Everything is just a reflection”, or that we “live in a holographic Universe”.  In ancient texts the phrase ‘As within, so without’ is often used to convey the same principle.  In essence, the idea is that we live in the substance of our own vibrational substance, and that by changing what is within, we change what is without.  

In the context of the Mythica, it is the realms which we travel through on the compass of the Self.

We live in the realm of our own Self.  Of the very vibrations that make up our current form.  Such forms the very reality in which we exist.

What realm do we live in? Is it one of conflict? Of Fire? Or Water? Is it a realm of financial stability, or one of scarcity? Is it one of magic and wonder, or a realm of questions with answers? 

All of these are realms.  Vibrational territories made of the elements of the material plane.  When we recognize these qualities and how they form the basis of our reality, we are able to see the compass of our mythical journey.

In the Mythica, we go deeply into this concept, expanding on it to reveal the landscape of our heroic adventure and it’s relationship to our current Self.  Such becomes the foundation of our progression across the trials and triumphs of our heroic journey, in which we live within the actual manifestation of our own current substance, manifest.

In the context of the Mythica, all realms exist as destinations along the axis of the World Tree, the lens of one’s Self.  As one moves through the prism of their Self, they travel the rainbow bridge between different realities, known in the Mythica as REALMS.

It is tied directly into the nature of the lens of the Self and the very specific qualities that make up our current experience.  In essence, we live in the holographic pattern of our own substance, the unique splay of vibrational qualities that make up our current Self.  This in turn invokes the very reality that we live within, the realm of our particular form.  They are both a psychic and a physical landscape, forming the ground upon which our many sacred Paths take foot.  Such is the foundation of the heroic landscape, the mythopoetic topography of one’s sacred Path.

As we navigate through these vibrational qualities, we travel through the manifestation of that reflection, a literal, physical landscape which reflects whatever aspect we are currently embodying.  Along our journey, the changing of these qualities finds it’s equivalent in the changing of our circumstance, for such is the physics of the Quest.

From the vantage of  legend, we move through the Akasha, the starscape of our intersecting Paths, embodied in the union of the underworld and overworld of the World Tree.

Realms are both Psychic and Physical

On our sacred Path we are always moving through realms.  While in the Mythica we focus strongly on the actual physical manifestation of the Worlds of Magick, such are merely one aspect of the vastness of realms that exist within the Creation.

To be clear – All aspects of our experience are a realm, wrought of the very substance of our current consciousness.  When we dream, we are stepping into the realm of Dreams. When we meditate, we step into realms of stillness and clarity.  When we go on journeys into the Astral or etheric planes (realms), when we dance through the shamanic realities of the plant deva, we are traveling through realms.  When we fantasize, when we imagine, we are embodying the qualities of that vibration through our being, experiencing our movement through the many planes of our perception on our sacred journey.   In all ways, we are always moving through realms.

As we come to see the topography of the magickal World, we see that all of these aspects are realms unto themselves, places where we work through the patterns deep within our consciousness in the manifest dream that is the Akasha.

Heaven on Earth is a Realm

Scarcity is a Realm
Abundance is a Realm
Heaven on Earth is a Realm.

We exist in a World in crisis, where the ideals of compassion, virtue, honour and Love are often buried beneath an avalanche of unprocessed patterns that lay within the subconscious of the Self.  In order to make the journey to Heaven on Earth, we must clear these patterns, allowing us to perceive the deeper and more Abundant reality that surrounds us.

Our outer reality is caused by our internal state, which is composed of the various vibrational qualities that make up our current lens of Self.  When are experiencing particular conditions in our reality, they are caused by our internal landscape which in turn creates the external landscape.  In the context of the Mythica, it is when we change those inner vibrations that we step into a new reality.  On a structural level, this is caused by the state of the vibrational quality within the Self.  These vibrational qualities exist in either a purified or defiled state, which then gives rise to the psychoemotional conditions of our journey across the realms.

As we make the journey towards the realms of Heaven on Earth, we must clear these vibrations and return them to a state of harmony with God’s Grace.  When we do this, the distortions on our lens dissolve, and we are able to both see and receive the Goodness and Abundance that are our birthright.  Clearing these patterns is the very essence of all healing, which moves to return our consciousness to a state of clarity and wholeness.

Realms are bigger than You

It is a yogic Truth that there is no separation.  All of our Paths are connected, part of the much larger tapestry of the Akasha.  Realms are not isolated to individuals.  Many beings share the particular vibrational qualities that define the various realms, intersecting with each other in shared purposing throughout the synchronicities of their lives.  It is in this crucial understanding that the mapwork of the many realms of the Creation becomes apparent, where we realize that we live in a multitude of magickal realities occurring for us in accordance with the current vibrational qualities on the lens of our Self.

Illustrating the movement through the vibrational realms of being

Realms are the specific territories of the Underlands.  The particular conditions that define one’s locus point in the akasha.  They are the vibrational qualities in the subtle levels of one’s awareness which underlie the circumstances of one’s Path.

As we come to see the substrata of the Creation in it’s more elemental form, we are able to see our movement from one vibrational experience to another as a passage across many realms of being.  We understand that what appears on the surface of our perception is a manifestation of the realms we are vibrationally embodying and their effect.
In this context, scarcity is a realm of being, as is Abundance.  Similarly, the state of being when we are in a blissful state, or that of Heaven through Earth, is a realm, as are the many states of consciousness which lay within our human potential.

As we move along our heroic journey, we move through realms of experrience which reflect the changing conditions within our self in accordance with the Law of Reflection.  When we exist in a distortion of a quality, such the distortion of Abundance that is the manifestation of scarcity, we are moving through it’s realm.