Shadows & Distortions

There is no enlightenment without ignorance.  No treasure, without trial.  If we already lived in the magickal World, there woud nowhere to go.

In a general sense, distortions are the warped version of a prime Divine quality, such as Love, Compassion, etc.  When these vibrational distortions exist in the subtle and causal realms of our current self, we experience their reflection in our reality.

In the context of many healing arts and our journey through the Mythica, these misaligned patterns are often referred to as ‘shadows’, implying, ‘where the light is blocked’.  Here, we experience the distorted versions of the qualities of consciousness which define our human experience.  For example, the distortion of Abundance is scarcity.  The distortion of Love is hate.  The distortion of Hope is despair.  

We live in an Abundant universe.  In which our Path is supported by a benevolent intelligence, in which health and wholeness are our birthright.  Yet when we live in subconscious patterns of distortion and scarcity, we cannot access that goodness consistently.  Healing those confusions is the zeitgeist of this Age, the wave of necessary healing to dissolve the patterns of the old paradigm and step into the new.

Yet while this is the baseline of our experience, conditions exist which create conditions distorted from this.  Such is the nature of our progression from ignorance to self-Realization seen on a much vaster scale, where we recognize the nature of distortion and it’s function in a Loving universe.
While we are in the thick of these patterns, it is very difficult to see clearly.  Imagine that you are looking through a camera lens.  That you ARE the lens, and everything you see it related to the condition of that lens.  Distortions and defiements in this case would be mud upon that lens, obscuring your view of what truly is.

The Big Picture – Distortions are SHARED

There is no separation.  What is perceived as an “individual” distortion is in fact one’s portion of qualities of consciousness within the field of the Akasha playing out in one’s circumstance through the World Tree of the material plane.

As this quality expresses itself through the surface of conditions, it manifests as people, places, and the access of one’s consciousness, all serving the much larger unfoldment of our interwoven causality.  What occurs as the minutia of attitudes and actions is never separate, but rather an expression of that quality moving through it’s aspect of resolving distortion.

Around this more expansive sense of gravity revolve the “individual” expressions of that quality, relative to the unique conditions of one’s locus of self and it’s function within the shared unfoldment.

As we delve deeper into this understanding, the base point of our approach to healing and the way in which we interpret our circumstance changes profoundly.  We come to see that we are all partially responsible for the patterns within the collective field, for such is the substance from which we are made.   This affects the axis around which we engage in the projection of blame or shame through the distortion that there is anything other than the Self and it’s facets.

In the context of one’s heroic journey, the Shadows within one’s substance are the antagonist, the challenge and trial that must be surmounted to step into a brighter reality.