At the core of all of our experiences lay the art of divination.  The way in which we interpret events, the ways in which we find the hidden meaning in our Path.

Divination is perhaps the most ancient of the subtle tools, for it is from the Questions posed and the act of divination that Answers to our journey are received.  In the Mythica we go deeply into the relationship between divination and the lens of the Self, and how the combination of these aspects of the heroic adventure affect and influence our reality.

There are many forms of divination that are in wielding with people in all walks of Life.  Yet regardless of the outer form, the action of divination is always the same on the elemental planes of perception.  A yoga of consciousness, in which we work to query and receive information from the Creation.

In the context of the Mythica, one is always divining the nature of their experience, striving to have clarity on the vibrational patterns that make up one’s experience.  In this way, the act of divination is ultimately an act of divining one’s Compass of Self, which in turn enables one vantage on the realms they are currently moving through on their heroic journey.