The Lands of your Legend

The mystical World always exists beneath the surface, taking on many outer forms to convey the pattern of it’s archetype.  As we travel deeper into the Mythica, our sense of these vibrations develops.  We see the Worlds beneath the World.

To travel into the Mythica, we must understand the physics of the magical World.  To recognize the nature of our reality, what it’s source is and the context in which our Path unfolds.

The Path into the magical World is a journey within that manifests without, in which the shifting of the vibrations within our self changes our ‘outer’ reality.

To travel deeper into the Mythica, we are learning how to understand how this relates to our Path through the mythical World.

When we move through the magical World, we are shifting our awareness into the subtle perception of our reality.  As we do, we gradually come to the spiritual understanding that we live in the mirror of our own current substance of consciousness.  The subtle World and the surface World are the same World, seen from different depths.

What is most important to understand is the ancient axiom of the mystery schools, “As Above, so Below” and “As Within, So Without”What things appear as on the surface, or “Above” the line of our subconscious and what their essence is in the subtle planes are the same thing, seen from a different angle of perception.

What is “below” our line of mystery is mirrored above.  It is merely our point of view which is changing.

The World Below is more constant than the World Above

The aspects of our subconscious always expresses itself through the surface plane, manifesting the same pattern through many different costumes.  In which we encounter the same relationships in a different form.

 Using our metaphor of Water, this is equivalent to the many ripples on the surface of perception causing things to seem a certain way yet the pattern, that which lay within the subconscious, remains.

To understand this, look at the picture above.  The mountain, reflected in the water.  The mountain is the subconscious pattern.  The reflection through still or rippling water is our perception on the surface.

In this context, the many ripples of the mountain that occur in the mirrored Water are the different versions of that mountain (the subconscious pattern) repeating through a variety of forms.

A classic example of this is when we have a pattern of relationships.  While we may meet many different people, we often end up in the same pattern, the same kind of relationship, despite what things appear to be on the surface.  Here, we see that the World of our subconscious patterns is more constant than what they appear as on the surface.

As we make our journey into the Mythica, we work to transform these patterns which in turn transforms our circumstance.