All things happen along the threadline of our life.  That precious uniqueness of your current character in the Great Story.  As Author’s in the Mythica, we document the flow of events along our timeline and it’s relationship to others.

One’s timeline is the spine of the yoga of story.  The path through time and space upon which you walk on the great adventuer of being You.

Timelines meeting at episodes in the Mythica

In the context of the mapping of the magickal World, the Akasha, from which the phrase “akashic records” is derived, is the space in which the threads of our Story weave together.

It is the canvas, the “space” upon which the many threads of our Stories intermingle, revealing the synchronicities and unfolding events of our circumstance.

Very often in the ongoing narrative of the Mythica, Authors will refer to ‘seeing things through the Akasha’, or ‘I shifted the locus of my vantage through the Akasha”. This is intrinsically tied into the presentation of the magical World, for all Worlds and all possibility occur within the space, or “aether” of the Akasha.

In the context of the Mythica, all positions of vantage and the manifestations associated with them are a locus point around which the gravity of the self is arranged. This concept is intrinsically tied into that of the lens of the self, realms and the underlands.

Seen from a distance, our timelines weave with others at points of synchronicity, sacred places where our Stories meet and we move further along our Quest.

Now that we understand the idea of our Characters movement through the locus points of spacetime we come to the way we string those events together – the timeline.

As we read the Stories of the Authors of the Mythica, it is their timeline that we follow, and in doing so, come to appreciate more deeply the progression of our own timeline through experience.

Our timeline, and the unfoldment of the many timelines of our Characters in the Great Story, has a special place within the Mythica.   As Author’s applying and demonstrating the physics of the Quest, our timeline is the spine of our Story, our movement across the circumstances of our lives and our progression to the manifest reality (or “locus point”) of expansion and Abundance.

As we do this, witnessing our timeline and correlating the *timing* of changing conditions along our Path, we present the stage by which the progression of self-realization may be witnessed and the much larger reality of our Unified consciousness may be demonstrated.  Here, the autobiography of our journey of awareness becomes a teaching model for the natural laws that govern all Stories, linking into the timelines of other Characters and their unique thread of the Great Story.