The Rainbow Bridge
Walking between Realities

When the vibrational patterns within our inner self change, our outer reaiity changes with it.  It is this transformation, this movement between the various colours and luminances of vibrational texture that make up the substance of our self, that is the rainbow bridge (also known as the rainbow road).  The bifrost between the loci (realities) of the World Tree.

The Rainbow Bridge, seen in the causal planes

In many mythologies there is the idea of the rainbow bridge.  A portal between realities that exists within our consciousness.  Classically, this is the idea that there is a passagway that one can take between the mundane reality of Earth to that of the Gods.

In the context of the Mythica, the many iterations and lore of mythology in the human plane are distorted, for they come from the erroneous idea that there is separation between the many aspects of the Self.  From this point of error comes the idea that the ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’, and realms of ‘Asgard’, ‘Midgard’, ‘Olympus’, and all the other ‘magickal worlds’ exist outside of the self and it’s resonant vibration.

From this perspective, the rainbow bridge is not a thing outside of the self, but the inner transformation.  That which brings one from the realm fo ‘Midgard’ (the unrealized, unawakened version of oneself) to ‘Asgard’, the more Awakened and Divinely embodied version of oneself.  This is the real movement between the realms.

When we walk between these vibrational conditions, we are moving across the rainbow bridge within our own self.  This has the effect of changing our reality on the most structural of levels.

Like all things in the World of form, this happens along the timeline of your Story, where we come to see the changing of our own inner rainbow transforming our outer reality over Time. The rainbow road of becoming.

 This movement through the loci of different realities is our personal rainbow bridge through the many realms of the Akasha and the World Tree.  The road upon which we walk our Path and fulfill our sacred Quest.

In one manner or another, we are always moving between realities.

We are always walking the rainbow bridge, the shifting colours of our inner landscape manifest as our outer experience.  The textures of vibration which create our current self are always shifing in their endless process of becoming.  As we gain awareness and understanding of what this means in terms of our manifest reality, we gain facility in shifting our conditions for the better.