There is a pattern beneath the experiences of our lives. One of shared resolution, in which we are all playing our part in the gradual and collective redemption that defines the current Age of humanity. As this is happening, we are coming to see that we are all mirrors of one another, reflecting the aspects of our singular and mutual distortions within wishing to be cleared.

Most beings are not conscious and the subtle ways in which their mood and manner shift, yet when we see within the space of the akasha, these sublime elemental changes form the substance of our shared unfoldment, where we literally become the reflections of qualities that lay within the prism of our current selves.

A good way to consider this is to look at a diamond. It has many facets upon it’s face, each of which reflects a slightly different angle of itself. This is the same for any of us, in which we have many faces … many facets, all of which are part of that same much larger jewel.

Consider. Are you always the same version of yourself? Are there not many facets to your faces? 

In Akasha Yoga, we cultivate the witnessing of this transition. The way in which we become different versions of our self depending on our circumstance, in which we play different parts, depending on the unfoldment of the patterns between our self an another.

We literally embody the triggers and resolutions in the substance of the akasha, affecting one another in a vast and beautiful play that defines our individual and collective Stories. This is a deeper look at the statement ‘ we are the reflections of one another’.. In which our authentic process in the moment, what we are or are not aware of, creates the relationship. 

To make this more clear – Imagine the diamond we just looked at, facing another diamond, each showing only a particular facet or set of facets of it’s overall majesty to each other. Now, envision those two diamonds in an infinite net, each representing a different being one encounters on their Path. Meaning – “other people”.

As we encounter other beings, the jewel of our personality turns, as does the jewel of the new encounter. Together, they form an experience, revealing the facets of their current angle in appropriateness to fulfill each other’s current reflection.