We live in a Friendly Universe.

One of the most important things to resolve on our Quest is the question of whether we live in a supportive Universe that wishes to aid us in our Quest.  Here, through the Stories of the Authors, we illustrate the Principle of Benevolence, that which reveals the Love which sits behind all things.

God is Good.  You are not been abandoned, nor forsaken.  The Universe exists to support the expression of your self.

On a deeply structural level, when we Know, deeply and truly, that we are supported, that the Universe wishes to help us, that we are all connected and that we are merely learning to see the Goodness that exists for us, our nervous system and inner landscape drops into a softness.  An easement, that allows more prana and vitality to flow through us from Source.

As a spiritual being experiencing the human condition, we have relative degrees of awareness and constancy of that awareness as to the deeper laws of the Creation.

To move through the human condition in this shifting state can be very difficult, where we simply do not have consistent access to the gnosis that We are Supported in our Quest, that We Live in a Friendly Universe, and other foundations of faith and experience.  Yet while the limited viewpoint of the human condition does not always see the underlying nature of What Is, this is a quality of resolving perception, and bears no weight on the actual substance of the Creation.

God is Good.  ALL the time.  The fundamental nature of the Creation is of Abundance, of the endless expansion of our awareness into the Glory that lay around us.  This can be very difficult to see as our consciousness goes through the process of it’s realization for while we are in the process of clarifiication, we interpret the circumstances of our life from that lens of perception.

Since this is not seen consistently or at depth, the tales of the Authors moving through the Mythica act as a reminder, honestly showcasing the process of coming from the distortion of an unclarified perception into the recognition of What Truly Is.  

Here, within the Academy, we illuminate this structure further, providing beings with a constant beacon of remembrance, backed up by an ever-increasing library of Stories which prove the physics of the Quest.

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