The second primary technique of changing the impressions within one’s self is the Law of Attraction.  The applciation of willful focus to create and hold a vibrational pattern (impression) in the subtlety of the Akasha long enough for it to manifest in the World Tree.  It is secondary to the Law of Reduction,  as it requires a clear subconscious to function.

This application, also known as Manifestor consciousness, one focuses their attention towards a particular result, concentrating on the feeling-tone of it’s existence within the field.   As we have learned, the feeling-tone, or “texture” within one’s awareness of self is their way of navigating through the many realms of their potential self.

Simply put, once one possesses the constancy and depth of awareness to hold a particular impression and has cleared out the subconscious patterns that may be holding that manifestation back, they hold the feeling of a thing already happening until it appears in the outer experience.

This language of textures is the basis of manifestation.  This is not always easy, for the patterns that lay within the self are deep.  Nonetheless, like all things, if we want results, we must practice.