“To err is human.  To forgive is Divine”

There is a reason why forgiveness is a mainstay of spiritual practice.  As we look at the structure beneath the scripture, we see that forgiveness plays a key role in the transformation of our circumstance.

Forgiveness is not simply a scriptural idea.  It has a very real and effective basis which relates directly to Abundance.  And while it’s ambassadors take many forms, the physics of forgiveness remain constant across all cultures, all traditions and other impermanences.

When we hold the energies of resentment and unforgiveness within the matrix of our self, the attachment to the unresolved pattern affects the flow of energy through our system.  This bends the light coming from Source through our lens of self, distorting the way in which we see.

In comparison, when we forgive, we dissolve the tightness within the bodymind which allows more prana and vitality to move through the self.

This is not easy, for the human condition is rife with distortions and disappointments, broken agreements and outright cruelty which can be very difficult to forgive.  Yet when we realize that there is no separation, we are ultimately forgiving the much larger Self,  the collective energy of which we are an intrinsic part.

It is easy to find blame for the horizon of our current consciousness and that of other aspects of the Self.  Yet ultimately, beings are only capable of doing what they are aware of, a thing determined by forces much larger than their evolving horizon.

In the context of the Laws of Manifestation, forgiveness is part of the Law of Reduction, the removing of something that no longer serves us.  It is a dissolving sensation within the body which corresponds more opening in our perception and thus reception of Abundance.