Key to the concept of movement through the realms is the idea of asanas of consciousness.  Though asanas, or ‘postures’ are often related to the physical acrobatics of the Hatha (forceful) yogas, this is merely the surface interpretation of their essence.  Seen at depth, asanas are postures first and foremost of the prima materia of consciousness itself, the physical-yet-sublte shape of our prism of Self in relationship to experience.

In context, all movements and actions in our experience are physical things, happening first at the subtle level of our inner state and then expressing themselves through the outer form.  As we shift between different moods or relationships with experience, the posture, or asana, of our inner sculpture changes.  Depending on the shape  our lens of Self, we experience contraction or expansion, which relates to more or less Abundance in our halo of manifestation.

As with all aspects of Life in the material plane, the endless variety of impermanent shapes that make up our mortal experience are measured against that which is constant, that which is firm and Absolute, which is the nature of God and the currency of that emanation.  When we are aligned with our Divine nature, which is to say aligned with the nature of God, we are aligned with that which defines alignment.  The natural gravity that underlie all things.  When this happens, we experience more Grace, more Wonder, and more expansion, for we are in resonance with that much larger inertia.

Very often in the spiritual circles of this Age there is talk of certain Qualities of Consciousness, qualities like Gratitude, Compassion, and unconditional Love.  On a structural level, holding these particular attitudes towards experience are considered a subtle asana.  A posture or configuration of the very physical-yet-subtle substance of our prism of Self.

Just as asanas that involve the posturing of the body create a channel for more vitality to flow through one’s form, so do the subtle asanas involve an energetic posturing which has the same effect.  In the simplest of terms, your attitude towards Life IS an asana.  A structure that gives rise to a way-of-relating. In terms of our functional movement along the rainbow road of our personal alchemy towards Heaven on Earth, the asanas that we hold constrict or expand our reception of vitality from Source.