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The Seed Within - The Purpose of Your Life

The Seed Within - The hologram of Your Life Purpose

In many spiritualities there is concept of dharma.  Of the Purpose of one's Life.  In the context of the Mythica, this is the pattern that lay at the center of your being.  The energetic imprint of your unique seed and the flowers that it wishes to share with the World.  It is your Seed Within, the blueprint for the Gift that is your sacred offering.

In the context of our journey to Heaven on Earth, our sacred journey across the realms of our experience is akin to this precious seed, pushing through the dirt of it's own blossoming, such that the Gift, the pattern inherent into your current Self, may share itself with the World.

Imagine a Great Tree.  Vast and beautiful, it's many branches and leaves stretching out across the horizon, it's roots twisting and burrowing deep into the Earth just as it reaches across the Sky.  It is a tree as big as the World.

As You do this, extend your vision, visualizing that within the leaves of this massive World Tree are seeds, each one imprinted with a unique purpose.  Unlike a normal trees seeds, these are special.  They do not produce the same kind of tree, but something entirely unique.

Now imagine that You are that seed.  That each and every one of You is born from the pattern inherent within that seed.  That inside of the sacred vessel that is your Self there is a great Purpose.  A seed within, waiting to emerge.

The Source of the Seed

At the core of reality, all things come from Source consciousness.  God, Goddess, or any number of other phrasings.  Such is the origin point of the great plan, the unfoldment of Divine intelligence which plays out as the circumstance of our lives.

As seeds of the emergent World, our Selves are built with a particular function.  Much like any other aspect of an ecosystem, they serve a Purpose which is larger than itself.  This can be very difficult to see, for it is the very centre of our Self, the impulse that defines and drives our reality.

To help frame this and understand the Big Picture that links us all together, we must change our model of reality, come to understand the layers of manifestation from the causal to the surface.

From Source to Self - The Codes of Light

Light Codes moving up from Source to be incarnate through living beings

In the context of the Mythica, there is a purpose to our lives, a way of understanding our spiritual DNA as it manifests in the biological.  Just as our individual Selves create from  the setting of an intention which defines the vibration of our actions, so is there a great and Divine intention that has set our Selves, aspects of that very Divinity, to fulfill that much larger initiative.

As this vibration makes it's way up from the Source of All that Is, it forms into different patterns, codes of Light which are imprinted into the seed within the Self.

DNA as made of codes of Light

As these move up through the layers of manifestation, these code of light form into very specific strands of DNA, which in turn contain the sacred Purpose, the mission for which that individual was created in service to God.

Such plays out as our particular talents, skills and Gifts, qualities of consciousness that are part of the very definition of our current Self and it's Gift, intrinsically tied into our sense of personal fulfillment and bliss.

Set to this intention, this glittering jewel of Divine purpose incarnates into the World, taking on the appropriate shape, gender, and life circumstances for the transmission of this beauty, hidden and waiting emergence within the subtle mansions of the Self.

As we explore  the nature of  our sacred Path through the Akasha, we are inevitably drawn into  a discussion on the very nature of Self.

Such demands a deep dive into the yogas of discernment, in which we come to see the elements that make up the Self, much like looking at a sculpture or a painting made of very particular tones and colours.

In the context of the Mythica, our mortal forms are made of subtle qualities, elemental essences which occur in various combinations of quality and quantity and make up the entirety of both our human experience and the Creation at large.

Just as there are many impermanent traditions and cultures that dot the surface of the planet, there are many ways of approaching this fundamental and structural viewpoint on  health, wholeness, and the expression of our sacred Path.

Yet while the surface forms of these traditions changes, there is an underlying constant which all return to - the fundamental natural qualities that make up all potential realities.

All healing and wholeness techniques are related to Nature and our alignment or misalignment with the natural laws that define our experience.

Ways of Understanding the Elements of Self

Chinese medical cycle with five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal)

Across the many impermanent cultures and traditions of this planet, there are many different ways of interpreting the substance of the Self.

In the Chinese medical system, the Self is considered to be made of five elements, which correspond to our organs.  Medical conditions are considered to be relative to imbalance of these elements, in which remedies are prescribed to bring about this balance.

In comparison to this, the Ayurvedic system of medicine refers to the elements of Self as doshas, qualities which form the basis of our medical conditions.  Like the Chinese system, the entire basis of the Ayurvedic medical paradigm is also related to these natural qualities, to the elemental deva that make up our experience.

Divining the Self

Just as there are many ways of categorizing the elements that make up Selves, there are many systems of divination that give rise of our self-concept.

Like the many traditions of the World, this is relative to the impermanent forms of culture and awareness of the substance of What Is,  in which there are many different forms that perform the same fundamental function - the divination into the nature of the Self and the purpose for it's Life.

As we grow and evolve as Divine beings having a human experience, systems. evolve in appropriate timing and form 

What are we divining, when we talk about our personal astrology? What are we relating to, when we discuss the various qualities that are our Chinese, our Vedic, our Western astrology or any other system?

Ultimately, we are always talking about the Self.