The Physics of the Quest

There is a reason why your Life is the way it is, and a way of understanding what you can do to change it.

Each of us is on a sacred Quest.  A journey through the circumstances of our lives to discover the Gift that lay within us.  Such is a beautiful adventure unique to each of us, never repeated in the whole of Creation.  Yet beneath this individual expression, there are constants.  Laws and frameworks by which we may understand the nature of our heroic adventure.  These are the physics of the Quest.


The Truth about Reality

We live in a Loving Universe.


There are many vantages on the nature of Reality.  Many beings who perceive the Creation as cruel or uncaring.  Who experience their reality from a place of scarcity and lack.  Yet this is not the Truth.  In actual Reality, there is no scarcity, no lack.  In the purified and cleansed version of our window of perception, there is only Love.  Only support for our unique heroic journey from ignorance to the Realization of our inner majesty.

Yet we experience conditions.  Very real conditions, which do not always seem positive or supportive.  Circumstances which are difficult to see from a positive viewpoint.  These are not just perceptions, but real experiences of scarcity, of lack and frustration.  Yet though they are very real, they are the fundamental basis of the Creation.  Rather, they are the result of the structure of our lens of Self, which creates the circumstances of our lives.

What Creates Point-of-View?


Each of us has our own perspective.  Our own way of seeing the circumstances of our lives.  It is something unique to us all, the window, orvantage lens, through which we experience our reality.  Such becomes the basis for our vantage, our point-of-view, which in turn generates our thoughts, beliefs and associations.

Yet what creates that perspective? What is the structure that creates that window? What are the primal elements that make up the framework that gives rise to our point-of-view? Understanding the structural basis for all points-of-view gives us an opportunity to examine the basis for our experiences in a new way.

For example, the point-of-view on reality of a being who is experiencing lack, or scarcity, confusion and dismay is quite different from that of a being who is experiencing Abundance, Grace, and Goodness.  And in this difference is everything.  On a structural level, there is a difference in the ‘window’ through which these beings view their reality.  As we come to understand the structural basis for our point-of-view, we have a better grasp on how to change the substance of that window, thus changing the circumstances of our lives.  To be open to more Good, more Awe, more Wonder.  To change not only the way we view reality, but the way in which we experience it.


The Surface & The Subtle

Awareness is everything.

To live a more mythical Life, we must deepen our awareness.  Gain a real sense of the aspects of our subconscious Self.  We must come to understand that we often only see the Surface of the World.  The shallows, when there is an infinite … infinite depth to what we can experience.

When we understand that the Creation is infinite, we gain vantage that there is so much more to us than we know.  So much more than we currently perceive.  Part of unveiling this is understanding the difference between the Surface and the Subtle.

Think of an iceberg.  You can only see the tip of the iceberg above the Surface of the Water.  Yet underneath is a much larger, much deeper thing.  It is not that it is not there.  It’s that you’re only seeing it on the Surface.

As we clear the impressions within our prism of Self, we are also deepening.  Gaining more and more visceral awareness over the subtle sensations that define our Surface consciousness.  The iceberg rises, and more of our grandness may be seen and experienced.

In this context, the People, Places, and Events in our lives are much deeper than we know.  It is up to us to see the Subtle beneath the Surface.  Yet when we do, we step deeper into the Mythica, to seeing the magickal World that is right before our eyes.

The Prism of the Self

On the Subtle level of perception, our Self, that is, our current incarnate form, is made of a unique configuration of hues and timbres of energy.  Very specific Qualities, brought together into a beautiful prism.  This is deeper than changing our thoughts and perceptions.  It is the very firmament of our individual incarnation.  Our current ‘Self’.

All major spiritualities understand a singular Truth – That You are not the Self.  Rather, the Self is your Character, your unique expression of Divine nature in a set of conditions that forms the basis of your experience.  In the context of the Mythica, this structure of Self is likened to a prism of light, the lens through which we experience reality.

As the light of pure, undifferentiated, formless Awareness passes through this unique prism, it creates a halo around it of it’s exact qualities, much like light passing through a stained glass window.mosque-image

On the Surface, this plays out as the circumstances of our lives.  The thoughts, the beliefs, the patterns, our ‘karmas’, ‘dharmas’ and the like. Depending on the particular Qualities that a Self is made from, it experiences different realities.  On a fundamental level, this is the basis for the topography of our sacred Quest, the realms of our personal manifestation.

For example, the reality of a deeply Awakened avatar, living in expansive circumstance, is more than simply their point-of-view.  It is the very real, physical circumstance of their Life.  This is the manifestation of their unique Light onto the Creation, the particular reality they experience through their prism-of-Self.

In the context of the Journey Home, there are two basic conditions to our unique prism.  There is it’s full expression, the Light of our awareness passing through it’s facets clearly and without distortion, and the quality of those facets being muddy and unclear.

There is the false Self, that which experiences a reality through a muddy lens, and a True Self.  The clarified version of one’s unique sculpture of Light.  Their prism, or lens through which they experience the World..  This is the pure, undiluted, undistorted Self, whose intrinsic structure contains the pattern for our Life Purpose.  When we are not experiencing that version of our Self, it is due to unawareness and distortion upon the facets of that prism, requiring correction to return us to our natural state of Grace.

In the context of the Mythica, one’s prism and it’s many facets are the lens through which one views the World.  Depending on the condition of those facets, the World appears differently.  It is this clarified or erroneous perception which creates the feeling-tone of our inner World and thus manifests the circumstances of our Lives.

To cross the realities of the Mythica, it is essential that we transform these tones and facets to their redeemed and clarified state.  As we do this, our ACTUAL REALITY changes, matching the new, clarified vibration of the particular tones that make up our current Character in the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.

The Ripples of your Raindrop

The Law of Reflection

There is the spiritual axiom that ‘Everything is a reflection’.  That ‘the World is a mirror’.  And this is True.  What is contained within the structure of our prism of Self manifests in our ‘outer’ circumstance.  In the context of the Mythica, this is known as the ‘Law of Reflection’, or the ‘Sacred Mirror’.  It is the understanding that we live in the halo of light, the unique substance of our prism of Self cast upon the World.

In the Journey Home, I have demonstrated this point.  By only witnessing the events happening in my Life, I have endeavored to show this principle in action.  By never setting up the photos, by simply observing and witnessing, I am proving the Truth, that we live within the manifestation of the specific colours and hues that make up our current Self.

Such is the basis of all healing and transformation.  When we change the ‘inner’ circumstance, the ‘outer’ circumstance changes.  For they are simply different vantages of the same thing.  The same principle.  That we are living within the vibrational equivalent of our prism of Self.  The Sacred Mirror of our current realm, our current vantage, manifest.


As Above, So Below

The Substance of Self

“As above, so below”

Our Selves are constructed of imprints.  Textures.  Qualities of consciousness which make up the structure of our prism.  In the context of the Mythica, “Above” is considered to be the Surface of one’s awareness, the way things play out “above” the line of our undiscovered Self.  “Below” is considered to be that which lies below that line, the subconscious imprints and patterns, Qualities.

What we are made of, these textural Qualities of consciousness, always plays out in our field of manifestation due to the Law of Reflection.  We are always living in the reflection of our own substance of Self.

If, for example, we are made of the qualities of Good Relationships, or the Quality of Abundance, it will play out in the circumstance of our Life.  What should be understood is that while the surface manifestation of those qualities changes from lifetime to lifetime, the elemental Quality itself remains more constant … existing in a state of clarity or defilement of itself.

It is these Qualities, these imprints of form within the Self, which create the realms through which we travel on our Journey.  These Qualities, which we must redeem and clear, in order to experience a brighter reality full of manifestation and Grace.

What is the Object of the Quest?

All Quests are different, and all Quests are the same.  While each raindrop of our spiritual essence is unique, creating it’s own ripple, all have the same Goal – the Discover who we really are.  To clear out the patterns and limiting beliefs that hold us back, so that we may live in the fulfillment of our Life Purpose.


This is the basics of the physics of the Quest.  You live in the halo of You.  And there is more to you know.  You can live in a better World.  Join the Quest.

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