Pollination of Plant Medicines

Now more than ever we desire to deepen our connection with the natural world, to heal the separation with Gaia and thus the conditions of our lives. The medicines of plants exist to help us, vessels for the helping hand of Gaia. They are a living substance, a Deva, an embodied aspect of the larger eco-system with a specific consciousness and purpose. When we imbibe and blend with these substances, we take on the qualities that they embody. It is a living alchemy, an invocation of balancing the elements of our Self through the devic intelligences of the natural world.

Cultivating right relationship with this is so important, as we are working with Deva that literally transform the substance of our Self, and thus our consciousness. In my own progression, the quality of listening and reverence towards the plant Deva has opened the channel of learning and healing from these magnificent teachers and allies.

Now, the wide spread availability of plant medicines are reaching the commonwealth. This is related to an emergent floral consciousness spreading throughout the collective field. A synergy is being sought with the natural world, a backbeat of our return to the land and its larger Source of Life. An understanding is blooming through this, in which we see that by living in harmony with the larger reality of Nature, we can heal the conditions of our lives.

As we Awaken to the reality that we are One with the Land, that our forms are extensions of Gaia’s larger eco-system, we see the proper context of plant medicine. Our relationship with the trees, vines and herbs are all part of this, with potions, smokes and nourishment, even a simple walk through the forest can be medicine for our soul if done with reverence and willingness to hear the healing voice of Nature.

As consciousness rises, so too does the way we approach plants and their healing function in our lives. We gain access to new ideas, showing how we can relate with the Gifts of the natural world and receive the healing back to the wholeness of our natural state.

The more shamanic and sacred relationship is a potential gateway to grace and healing. As we are always relating with the alchemies of the natural world, it is a matter of our awareness of and relationship with. Even a dining experience can be one of communing with the deva, of receiving the medicine of the earth. A simple glass of water can bring us healing, when invoked with reverence and pure intent. We come to see that even teas and simple herbs are part of the never ending balance of our relationship with the medicines of the land.

Its not just about the plant, it’s about how we relate with it. Our intention and awareness with which we enter makes all the difference. For if we truly respect and revere the medicines of Gaia, approaching with a quality of learning to listen to an intelligence much larger and more ancient than we, we can receive an entirely new octave of healing as we walk the golden fields of right relationship. Bridging this into our everyday embodiment is an important aspect of the journey deeper into the Mythica.

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