Priestesses of Avalon

Graell Corsini, co-founder of the Goddess Temple of Ashland

The sacred World of the Mythica is full of these priestesses and magickians.  Beings whose essence is driven to Remember who and what they really are; sanctified vessels for the redemption of the planet.  And they do this in the most magickal of ways.  In rituals of dance, of tantric alchemy, of nurturing and crisp clarity.  These are the bright Women; those who occur for me as the radiant champions of an emergent Goddess.

As with all things in Creation; life can be a sacred act; if we approach Her with such reverence.

In such a manner, dancing around a circle together becomes far more; sitting quiet before an altar becomes a deep, visceral experience.  Songs sung from our Heart become the clarion call of our rebirth.  Every little act becomes something deeper; a devotion of union with a Universal significance that is larger than we could possibly perceive.

In my travels across the Mythica, I have met many of these priestesses; and observed that more are being born each day.  Women ready to stand behind their voice; to align with the natural World and the callings of their soul.    It is a great time, of real magick and opportunity; where the Green forest waits patiently for our bare feet and wonder.

Anu Honey, performing her sacred service during the 2011 ‘Queen & King’ episode of the Journey Home

When one shifts their perspective into the Mythica; many things become revealed.  Beings who seemed a certain way on the Surface plane are shown to be something much larger, much greater.  Part of the Great Story that links us all together.  As the World is changing, becoming cleaner; as we are learning to honour the Divine aspects within our Selves; there is a resurgence of sacred community.  A gathering, all across the territories, of beings whose Purpose is to be the change shifting our collective consciousness into the emergent World.  To show their movement across the realms.

They come in many shapes and sizes, in many different timbres of archetypical significance.  Yet all are part of the much larger energetic movement that is moving it’s way through the planet.  The return to the Divine Feminine; to a place of balance, where we may come back to the qualities within our consciousness that allow ourselves to be changed; to be influenced and penetrated by the Voices of the Wind, of the Water, the Earth, the Fire and the Space in which all things exist.

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