The World Tree

To understand how the many realities exist within the Creation, one must come to understand the nature of the Tree of Life, sometimes known as the World Tree.  This is fundamental, for all paths that exist are made of the substance of the Tree herself.  Such is a journey through the very realms of the Akasha.

The Tree Within

The most basic way i’ve discovered to explain the World Tree is this –

There is no separation.  We and the planet, the much larger ecosystem of Gaia, are one and the same.  What we experience as an individual nervous system is in reality a fractal aspect of the much larger nervous system of Gaia, the mycelial weave of interconnected systems that define the natural world.

This is What Is.  We are the Tree.  Our nervous system, the weaving of the threads throughout our body is intrinsically connected to the much larger weave of Gaia herself.  Such is the grounded understanding that there is no separation between us and the planet.  There is merely the incoherence which prevents us from seeing that which is already there.

How it all fits together

In the context of the Mythica, it is helpful to think of the Tree of Life as the lattice, the underlying pattern of lives and timelines which sits beneath the surface of our lives.

As explorers of the Akasha, we travel along these roots and branches, moving from one realm to another along the rainbow road, the bridge of our own inner colors as they manifest as our outer experience.

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