Akasha Yoga – Fundamentals

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Learn the art of Akasha Yoga in this online course.



Learn the Akasha Yoga, the Yoga of Story, Space & Relationship
We each walk a sacred path, part of the landscape of our own legend, each connected to a larger collective Awakening.
In this online course, learn how to interpret your sacred Path, apply the techniques of Akasha Yoga, and come to see your life as a magical adventure. Realize your part in the Great Story of our shared Awakening, and align with the sacred seed of divine purpose within You.
What you Will Learn…
  • Learn how to clear the subconscious patterns and access more of the abundance of a friendly universe.
  • Come to see the truth, that there is no separation. Discover the map of synchronicity.
  • Learn to track your timeline across the Akasha, the canvas of space and time, to reveal your golden thread to self-realization.
Discover How…
  • To see we are all part of a much larger Story
  • To interpret the events of your heroic journey
  • To step deeper into your higher self
How we can Serve You…
  • Receive teachings on how to interpret your sacred Path
  • Learn how to clear the subconscious patterns and shadows that limit your access and abundance
  • Learn how to navigate the synchronicities of your life to live in a more magical World and unveil the Gift of your Life

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