Akasha Yoga – Online Workshop Series

$1,999.00 $299.00

Join Peter Fae and Yeshua Lucis for an initial offering of Akasha Yoga in this online masterclass, delivered over the course of 6 weeks through weekly video conference calls with supportive coursework. After much deliberation, we have priced this to be as accessible as possible for this limited time seed launch.



Learn the Akasha Yoga, the Yoga of Story

Each of us are on a heroic journey across the landscape of our own personal legend, in which we are part of the much larger collective unfoldment of humanities Awakening.

In this live webinar series and group classroom, we will be showing you the nature of our heroic journey, illuminating the map upon which our sacred Path walks.

We will be teaching the ways in which we can transform our circumstance and step into the more magical and abundant version of our reality. Through this, we discover our individual and collective journey to Heaven on Earth.

Learn the contextual framework we prove through the Mythica, using our stories as examples of a much larger unfoldment and our witnessing of the collective unfoldment.

Learn how to see the events of your life as a mythical adventure, to realize your part in the Great Story of our shared Awakening, and align with the divine purpose that wants to be born through You.

Track the synchronicity, read the signs, discern the undercurrents, trace the threads, and open your mind to a new anchored way of being and perceiving. Step into your own Mythica, discover a real magical world, and author a New Story.

Discover How…

  • To see we are all part of a much larger Story
  • To interpret the events of your heroic journey
  • To step deeper into your own magical embodiment

How we can Serve You…

  • Receive teachings on how to interpret your sacred Path as a mythic adventure
  • Learn how to clear the subconscious patterns and shadows that limit your abundance
  • Learn how to navigate the synchronicities of your life to live in a more magical World

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