Gateway to Avalon – Tales of Yeshua Lucis


In this episode…Yeshua’s adventure of living in yogic practice upon the land in December of 2015, being led to Centers of Light and mystical experiences, resolving upon the frozen mountain plains tested in his faith.

This is a full breadth Tale in EPub format, see the full description below.


Yeshua Lucis is living in the remote valley of Crestone in the winter of 2015 deepening into shamanic, yogic practice when he receives an invitation from Father Rob to join him in Sedona to honor the Winter Solstice. In synchronicity, they are given an invitation to the Gateway Ranch, an emergent center of Light facilitating the expansion of consciousness and connection with the Deva.

A mystical experience ensues, a tomb of ancient & galactic Magick appears in a temple upon desertscape, and angelic openings of collective consciousness occur. He is led to the Avalon Gardens where he encounters a magickal portal of energy. Upon returning to Crestone Yeshua encounters dire conditions that test his Faith in the universe…


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