Academy – Qualities of Vibration

Academy - Qualities of Vibration

We are made of vibrations.  Specific textures and timbres of vibration, which have a certain archetypical purpose.  As we move through the Worlds, this embodied essence affects all the beings within our field.  We change the very substance of one another on the most subtle of levels.  When we understand this, we come to recognize the beings that appear on our sacred Story as the living representations of certain vibrational qualities of consciousness, intimately necessary for our personal evolution.

At the deepest level of Form, the threshold before all things dissolve back into the undifferentiated Source, are the fundamental building blocks of the material plane, the prime elements that are combined in an infinite variety of ways to create all things.

It is from these primal building blocks that our mortal bodies are created.  In the context of the Mythica, it is these elements that form the substance of the very specific vibrational textures and hues of our current prism of Self.  Depending on the quality and quantity of these primal elements one experiences a different structure of Self, living within it's own unique halo of manifestation, the reflection of it's own substance onto the 'outer' experience.  In this way, we view our Selves and each other deepen than what we appear as on the surface, recognizing the vibrational quality of consciousness that moves through us and it's affect on the field.

Key to transforming the distortion of Value that plagues the human condition at this time is understanding the nature of Qualities of Vibration.  Fundamental to this is looking beyond our current identification of Self-concept and rather looking at the vibrational quality that defines our form.  When we see things from this deeper, more subtle perspective, it is easier to recognize our Value and the alchemy that comes through our very presence.

For example, on my Story, Dakota Chanel, embodying the vibration of Love, was essential, for she literally represented that Quality to me, helping me to return to Love's embrace when I was in a place of anger and frustration towards the Earth plane.

Similarly, Noah McLain, who for me embodied the vibrational qualities of Kindness and Succor, was instrumental in helping me to dissolve my ignorance and resistance, enabling me to move ever-closer to the true inertia of the Divine, one of Goodness, Grace, and ongoing charity.

Ciardha Volmalitez was another major avatar on the Path, embodying for me the rigorous and relentless discipline required to face the challenge of transforming my human consciousness.

Understanding that we are made of vibrations, and that the beings who appear on our Path are the living representatives of those vibrations, is crucial.  For when we do, we have a much deeper appreciation of their intrinsic Value in our lives, honouring their appearance as part of our collective unfoldment.

These vibrational Qualities have a definitive affect on the much larger Collective field in which we move, we literally transform and alchemise the environment through which we move simply through our presence.  As come to see this, and heal the wound of value that is systemic to our Awakening consciousness, we gain a better recognition that it is not what we do that has Value, but what we are.  Whether we recognise this or not is up to us.

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Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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