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cloud atlas earth2Into the Mythica tracks the larger pattern of our unfoldment, the Story beneath our many incarnations that brings us together time and time again.  Many times, I have referenced the movie ‘Cloud Atlas‘, for such is the closest approximation in the Commonwealth to what the Mythica represents.  That all our lives are connected, that we play out the defilements and Divinity of our Stories with one another, that we are part of an unfoldment much greater and more benign than we can perceive.  That every Idea, every inspiration, every action and reaction in our lives is part of something larger.  That there is a deeper causality to our experience which, when we understand it’s application, we may come to live brighter and more harmonious lives.

Many beings perceive this, on some level.  There is some awareness of synchronicity, of karma, destiny and our unfoldment.  Many degrees of perceiving the causal roots of our experiences in the subtlety of awareness.  In this context, the Mythica acts as a clarifying lens, crystallizing the perception of the underlying framework of our experience.  The deep yoga of our sacred adventure across the Incarnate plane.

Within the context of the Mythica, reincarnation, the movement of the soul from one body to another along a progression from ignorance to Self-Realization, is very, very real.  Such is an intrinsic part of the latticework on which we are able to see the cloud atlas of our interwoven lives.  To better understand this, one must cultivate a sense of the bigger picture.  We must come to see things on the deeper, more causal level, thus that we may have vantage on the great Awakening of the planet.

Yet how to show this? How to frame that which required subtle awareness to perceive? How could I showcase the numinous glory that underlay our experience? The manner in which we come to see how much Larger, how much Grander we are than we often seem to be?  Recognizing that many beings had only partial viewpoints on this grand and beauteous array, the Mythica was created.  A framework for perceiving the nature of our individual and Collective Stories.  Of remedying the human condition of unrealized, shallow or confused perception as to the nature of Reality.  She exists as a PROOF of the Worlds beneath the World, the mapwork of our dharma and destiny across many lives and many bodies, fulfilling the great destiny of our shared unfoldment.

cloud atlas earth3The patterns of our clouds, our spiritual Selves, are much like ley lines, intersecting in accordance with a deeper pattern upon the surface of our experience.

It is through this subtle mapwork that the sacred sites, the stone circles, the places of collected ley and our incarnate destinies are manifest upon the Incarnate plane.


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