Realms of Heaven on Earth

A realm of splendor and wonder exists, at a particular coordinate of synchronicity in the oceans of the akasha, a time, space and depth of being where we are deeper in the embodiment of our magic, deeper in the territories of the Mythica.

As mystical adventurers mapping out the journey to Heaven on Earth, we must come to see the  nature of that realm, of the aspects of the expression of the Divine upon the Earth.

A multi-faceted tapestry of consciousness, a rainbow array of redemptive patterns strew about the threadwork of our reality. The brightlands, a place of access, of vitality, of vibrancy and connection, where the resources flow not just to us, but through us within the collective rebirth of a new paradigm of harmony and wholeness.

The journey to that place, through shadow from the realms of scarcity to abundance and grace, is why the Mythica was built. An anchoring device for us to journeywalk, recording our psycho-shamanic process of spiritual transformation and inner work, as we witness the outer conditions change along the rainbow road (bridge) to a new reality.

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Into the Mythica

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