Realms of Magick – Moments in Faerie

What does it mean to be in the realm of Faerie.  As always, it’s an inner and outer circumstance.  The realms of Faerie are many, yet the ones I have travelled through have invariably involved deep, lush areas thick with the awareness of and respect of the deva.  The faeries.  The elemental intelligences that are the essence of the natural forces.  Likewise, there is a particular texture, one of Story, one of Lore, of Divination and feral alchemy that has, for me, the feeling of Faerie.

As a realm, Faerie has a wildness to it, for such is made of the elements, themselves.  Such is the source of the wisdom that comes through her avatars,  creating an atmosphere that has it’s own distinctive texture, it’s own ray of light.

IMG_0725This picture was shot in a place called Livingwell, on the western coastlines of the Americas.  Like Findhorn, Livingwell is a territory which has been specifically consecrated to the deva, where her steward’s seek communion with the forces of the Land.

We were sitting in the garden, for Livingwell is off-the-grid and nestled away from the electromagnetics of the Commonwealth, and listening to a medicine woman whose specialty was gaining the essence from plants and circumstance without harming the plant.  All around there were Bards, Priestesses. adventurers and heroines.  Even more, it was a space that I was Led to, exclusively through my connection with the fae (deva).

It was a truly momentous space, for I recognized it to be the Incarnate version of Faerie, itself.  A magickal class, held, in a magickal environment; filled with the Lore and Legend, thick with respect for the beloved deva.  I appreciated it Then as I do Now, a bastion in the realms of the Incarnate, thick with the energy of the Homelands.   Of unity with the fae.

Magickal realms are like that.  In one way or another, the timbre of the environment has a bright distinction.  It is one where our own qualities are brought to bear, where we experience healing and wholeness.  Though this was one moment in Faerie, there are many others, yet always they contain something of the natural World.  Always something of the Green.


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