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From 2018-4-18

On our heroic journey to the new paradigm, we all face trails that define the development of our character in the Great Story. Quest points when we must hold the line and apply the practices to shift realms and gain the treasures of manifestation.

Such was the case after leaving the Magician’s Oasis in the deserts of Las Vegas, Peter and I were granted sanctuary at a temple of Gaia on the western shores. We left after immense trials in the lack of recognition, resonance, and appreciation of our presence. It was a deep crucible, in which I had to hold the line of my own virtue and boundaries, standing strong in my sense of inner navigate and the value I’m bringing to the planet.

This led me to the beach side with nothing but my pack and no money, wondering where I would go next.

As I approached the shore, I saw a design drawn in the sand that read “Mind was designed to design itself.” 

Applying Akasha Yoga

Reminded that I lived inside the reflection of my current manifestation, I descended to the shore where I invoked a deep forgiveness. Feeling the quality of vibration sculpting, I drew on the waters, cleansing the agitations within, detaching from previous circumstance and aligning with the visceral sense of already having the abundance I desired.

Suddenly, Peter messages me. “We’ve just been sent a $1000 donation for the project and been offered a place to stay. Come meet me at Eves.”

Making my way there, I pass a sigil of a heart with angel wings, which I note as a realmsign. It was a deeply difficult crucible, one of holding to faith while exhausted from the previous realm.

Arriving there, I meet Rick of the Chakra Keys, aligned with the spiritual journey and the alignment of one’s rainbow bridge to live in a brighter world. He offers us sanctuary.

“Its the rainbow and our embodiment of Love.” Rick says, “Of harmonizing the energies within to live a better life.”

“This is what we track in the Mythica,” Peter says, eyeing back at me with a smile.

We arrive to the sanctuary, finding it is the very manifestation of what we were envisioning, right on the soothing shores of the ocean. He offers us a vehicle to use, which reads on the back plate “heart chakra”.

We are invited to a meeting at his beachside office, where we have a very expansive gathering with another earth angel, Adrian. Our lights are joined in shared resonance, where we could see more of the ideas as how to move forward with the project.

Returning to Eves, we encounter Niekko Chin once again, the producer of Zen Awakening, who we last saw at the sacred festival after giving our presentation at the ancient mystery school. It was a perfect alignment, as I had decided of all days to wear my Zen Awakening shirt.

He tells of a possible sanctuary of lavender fields down the valley his current space of conscious producers, Blissville, that we eventually end up journeying to as proof of the unfolding heroic landscape of the Mythica.

There I encounter Alexandra, who gave a spontaneous prose reading in the speakeasy of the sacred tavern of Eves, reflecting the divination of the ongoing unfoldment of the Great Story. That of the movement into the collective consciousness and to the realms of abundance and grace.

Peter and I return to the shores, blessed to receive this opening of fellowship and affirmation, where we journey to the waters to receive the rejuvenation long sought after our movement through the shivic deserts where we were clarifying the temple of the Mythica in a fire of temperance and awareness.

It had not been an easy journey. Yet, as I held the line to my own virtue, did the inner work and aligned with the vibration of expansion, the paths opened. More access opened. The synchronicities aligned. The outer halo of my inner rainbow grew brighter, and I was led where I was meant to be to fulfill the Seed Within.

About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author, Explorer and Yogi sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening, deeper into the real magical world. He is the Author of the Seed Within, a co-creator to Into the Mythica, and a practitioner of Akasha Yoga. Learn more about him and follow his Quest.

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